Some Clarifications for the Survey mission

Sigma on this blog talked about the planetary survey, and figured how it could works; I answered to him and given him some explanations. Since it was a long answer I found useful to make a post about it to inform any of you.

Now to figure out how to play the game. :P Resource surveys seem to restart after finishing after 90 days. (using all the airships)"

 My answer:

"Yes it is normal, at least for me, it's a cycle.
The duration displayed of 90 days, doesn't represent the duration required to survey the complete region. This part is shown by the [X.XX%] into the resource spots subsection, below the region's data.
The duration represent in fact the total autonomy of the group of vehicles, and so the total number of standard days the vehicles can be used on site to explore the region, including their time of travel, before it is required that they goes back to base for refitting/replenishment.
Airships in this case have a very long autonomy, and so can stay on site for a big time (we, of course, don't talk about 20th century airship technology), but are painfully slow if you need to operate a survey into a remote region.
Of course for now, apart if you are a medium or spying into the XML files, you cannot know that because there is no information in game about it. The encyclopedia will be updated in time.
Of course too, the survey is slow, like here after 15 days, the 4 airships surveyed only 0.9% of the region and why?
1/ because the speed and # of the vehicles is taken in account, 2/ each type of vehicle have different level of capabilities for the surveys, 3/ the region itself affect the progress of the survey (by its relief, weather and so on) and finally 4/ for example the surface of a region on Epsilon Eridani 2 takes 9,314,563.6 square kilometers, it's a lot. In the future the survey will not take the entire surface for a coastal region; I will add a data into the orbital object's data to indicate for each coastal region, which is the part of land, in %."

 I applied some grammatical corrections in the process, as usual I always answer too fast w/o proof reading...

Stay tuned 

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