Thanks Google you can now join the suckers club with Sourceforge...

I wanted to create a new entry to allow the download of the alpha 6 and stumbled on a old new from May that say that Google will stop their download service on January 15/2014. That's not a new but I wasn't aware of the fact.

Now that remember me my bad experience with SourceForge and frankly I don't know where to put the next releases. It's out of question that I go back to Sourceforge, they put sh*t on me one time, that suffice...

The funny thing is that I'm not even able to  create an entry right now, and FARC is among the projects that have already other downloads...

So for now no alpha 6, and they can put a Batrank colonizer in their *ss for the future SVN updates...

Well, that certainly help the open-source community for sure...

I'm sorry of that and looking for an alternative, I will keep you in touch when I will find something.

Sorry to the readers for the bad words (yup I censured them myself).


  1. I go to use the IndieDB file hosting for now. FARC has already a page since a while.

  2. In Google's (And Github's, And SourceForge's) defense, a lot of spammers have been abusing Source Code Hosting sites as generic file lockers. Attempts to stop these have proved too hard for the companies, and they decided instead to just stop being filelockers altogether. :-/

    1. Yeah it's what their post said, but I was only fedup when I seen that just at the time of the release.
      Anyway, alternative exists. I will post the upcoming alphas on IndieDB. It's not that I don't like IndieDB, it's just that the platform was an integrated one.
      Anyway, a first world problem but I had to rant about it :)