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Downloads/Rant: What a Brave New World

Today, a user informed me that he wasn't able to download FARC because he is located in Italy.
That was a surprise for me and after some research I discovered in this old article here that IndieDB/Gamefront block users from many countries...

First I must say sorry to anyone that tried to download it, I wasn't aware of this sh*t.

Second, the scepter of Sourceforge and its sissy policies came back again for me, and I must say that I'm really fedup of these no-balls hosting websites.

Where is this f*cking net open to the world? It seems to be finally dead and 6 feet under...
I know that's not new, nor a discovery, but this sort of problem seems to accumulating as fast as our countries' debt...

Well, sorry but I needed to vent this. For those who read my posts since a while you know that I speak my words.

So, from now I will host my files on Dropbox, the alpha 7 is here .

I will not delete my account on IndieDB, by respect for the people that follow my project on thi…

Small Note: Back to Business

I'm back to business, I received the SSDs today that was fast :)
I will start again the dev tomorrow.

Alpha 8 [0.6.2]: Delay + Alpha 9 Merging

I have a SSD failure and it put some delays on the dev. Nothing is lost but my PC at home is dead for now.
I don't think I will have time to complete the alpha 8 before the end of October so I will release the alpha 8 with the alpha 9 at the end of November.
Normally I should receive the SSDs this week.

Sh*t happens :)

Stay tuned.

Alpha 8 [0.6.2]: Poll, OpenGL, Alpha 10 Design

First, sorry for the lack of post, this first part of October as been fairly slow and the dev itself pretty light but existent. I played ARMA 3, Xenonauts and Command: Modern Air Naval Operations.. For one time that I consecrate some time for gaming...

Poll: thanks to all of you for your votes! So the majority has decided, and I will continue to post .7z packages until the 1.0.
For the 1.0 and above I will upload the two versions, a .7z and an installer.

OpenGL: I completely overhauled the code that determines the color of the planet's atmospheres; they stick more on their atmosphere composition now. Even if in reality the colors of the atmosphere aren't only due to the atmosphere itself but also the star and so on. I actually working on the cleanup of the 3d scene, a key part to allow the player to load another save file during an actual game or, in the future, to switch to another star system. It's the "big" part of this alpha, after that the game loading itsel…