Alpha 8/9/10 Status: Lazy Month and Group Release in 2014

I'm sorry but there will not be any Alpha 8/9 release this month.
November has been a lazy one, for some reasons, in the development of FARC and I can't deliver on time as I said.
So I decided to release the 3 alphas (including the upcoming 10) at the same moment.

The alpha 10 will be released in the first semester of 2014; I don't give now any date until I'm really sure it will be released at the said date. I know that many of you follow the project and I don't want to lose you because of not respected schedule. It's perhaps nothing, it's just an incomplete game, but it's a question of respect more than about the game itself.

Of course until that I will continue to post reports of the development, with more meat about the game system itself when I will begin the alpha 10 (which include the research & development system), and I will keep you informed.

Sorry again and stay tuned.


  1. In my personal experience there are 2 things that you should know
    -the silence from developer/webmaster or whichever is in charge only causes lost of interest.
    - you only should say I'm gonna deliver such alpha in this or that date when you already have finished it, otherwise saying, tomorrow I finish, and the next day you say, I will deliver tomorrow and the next day the same, only creates expectancy or anxiety for us and yourself

    1. I can only but be agree with your statements.
      Thank you :)

  2. He he, I must notice similar trend as in my own project. Ton of commits in September, few in October and recovery in November. Real life gets in a way of hobbies but at compared to others, you deliver quite often.

  3. I was thinking in your problem with sourceforge and modDB in "Downloads/Rant: What a Brave New World" post and I remembered a website I found some days ago,
    maybe it's not the famous site, but you can take a look