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Alpha 8/9/10 Dev Status: A Keep-Alive Post

Hi gals and guys, just a small post to inform you that the dev of FARC continue; I working onto the turn-based subsystem and I finally finished the game design of the research & development system. I will update the SVN when the turn-based part will be finished and will start again regular commits.

So that's it for now, take care all and stay tuned.

Alpha 8/9/10 Dev Status: (finally) Start Again of Regular Developpement + "Switch To..." shortcuts + Alpha 10 notes

Happy new year to all the regular followers and casual readers, and best wishes for 2014! :)

Well, I finally regularly started again the development of FARC since January 4th... so no turn-based subsystem yet, but the expansion of orbital object switching is nearly done.

Here's a screenshot, nothing fancy but it's there:

Uploaded with
I need to add dynamically the satellites linked to the primary orbital objects and that will be done. They will be listed into a submenu when you will hover the mouse over each orbital object.

So ... after that I implement the turn-based subsystem.

Finally some words about the Alpha 10, with the research & development system as a main feature:

The implementation of the RDS will be roughly in 4 steps:

1/ the data structure concerning the research domains and technosciences.

2/ expansion of the data structures of the products and infrastructures, with tech data.

3/ full edition and expansion of the XML file about the technosciences…