Alpha 8/9/10 Dev Status: (finally) Start Again of Regular Developpement + "Switch To..." shortcuts + Alpha 10 notes

Happy new year to all the regular followers and casual readers, and best wishes for 2014! :)

Well, I finally regularly started again the development of FARC since January 4th... so no turn-based subsystem yet, but the expansion of orbital object switching is nearly done.

Here's a screenshot, nothing fancy but it's there:

Uploaded with
I need to add dynamically the satellites linked to the primary orbital objects and that will be done. They will be listed into a submenu when you will hover the mouse over each orbital object.

So ... after that I implement the turn-based subsystem.

Finally some words about the Alpha 10, with the research & development system as a main feature:

The implementation of the RDS will be roughly in 4 steps:

1/ the data structure concerning the research domains and technosciences.

2/ expansion of the data structures of the products and infrastructures, with tech data.

3/ full edition and expansion of the XML file about the technosciences, creation of another one for the research domains and anything linked to them.
Of course not all technosciences will be implemented, only the basic and level 2 and 3 ones. I continue to focus to the core systems with anemic assets, I know that's a PITA but be patient :)

4/ implementation of the RDS itself, including the building of the research tab into the unified interface panel.

Concerning the game design of the RDS, the doc isn't complete yet but the system at large is done. I am working now onto all the details and calculations.

I don't want to talk too much about it until it's implemented but it's based on a dynamic system that use multiple research fields (16 in total and I think that will stay like that) where research points are generated. These research points symbolize the progression of knowledge into each field and unlock, if other conditions are fulfilled, technosciences.

The management will be faction-based, with the possibility to adjust at the colony level.

That's all for now for the explanations, it certainly more complicated than that but that's the big idea.

So that's it, I will make a post when the turn-based subsystem will be done.

Thanks as usual for your patience.


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