Alpha 9/10 Dev Status: Some Words on the Turn-Based Subsystem

I began the dev of the last phase of the turn-based subsystem which is the process of the turn itself.
The realtime one has been a bit overhauled; speed ratings now replace the old description. So it is possible to play in real time in 1x, 2x, 5x and 10x the standard time. I also modified a bit the pausing and of course updated the interface.
Since I also want to overhaul totally the keyboard shortcuts, as said in a previous post, I begin with the game flow; there are now only two acceleration keys: < and >, the same as for Kerbal Space Program in fact. The pausing of the game is always made by the Pause key. It will be possible to reset the speed by hitting Enter.

Concerning the turns, a standard one is equivalent to one tick, or 10 minutes of game time. The additional thing is that it will be possible to make an end of turn far longer than that. The possible turns, their respective equivalence in game time and what system they directly affect are the following:
  • Tactical Turn: equivalent to one tick or 10 minutes of game time. The smallest time unit in FARC. Useful mainly for the upcoming combat system.
  • Industrial Turn: equivalent to 6 ticks or 1 hour of game time. This turn is called Industrial because the production system (including the infrastructures) is updated hourly.
  • Upkeep Turn: equivalent to 144 ticks or one standard day of game time (24 hours). Concern systems like the one which mange colonies' reserves and the Planetary Survey one.
  • Colonial Turn: equivalent to 1008 ticks or one week (7 standard days). Useful for the Colony Simulation Model (CSM)
  • Historic Turn: equivalent to 4032/4320/4464 tick or one month (days varies according to the current month). Useful for the Socio-Political Matrix system (SPM)
So how it will work? By two means:
  1. By using shortcuts; enter is the standard key to end a turn and can be associated with Shift, Control, and Alt to use directly a specific type of end of turn. So Enter for a Tactical turn, Shift+Enter for an Industrial turn, Control + Enter for an Upkeep turn, Alt + Enter for a Colonial turn and Control + Space for a Historic turn.
    Optionally it will be possible to change the type of turn that the Enter key will trigger by using the same keys than for the real time acceleration, thus < and >.
  2. By the mouse, if you prefer this way; it will be possible to invoke a panel containing all the button to trigger the type of turn you will want to trigger

That finally conclude this post, sorry again for the delay and stay tuned.

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