2014-2015 Dev Guidance

I revised my guidance, or if you prefer my to-do-list, in the development of FARC with reduced goals.
Let's get straight, to dev a space strategy game isn't a little thing to do and even with all the goodwill I want to put in it, I cannot reach in a respectable timeframe the current goal, not by working part-time on it during my free time.
So, since I designed FARC initially in two parts; with the first as the setup of the first colony of the player's faction and the second as a sandbox with multiple paths, I decided to concentrate my work into this first part. Not that I abandon the rest, but I just want to deliver something finally playable from start to finish. I began to dev it in 2009; it's time that FARC become really something, even smaller.

What will affect this decision? Well, the current dev of the alpha 10 isn't changed, the technology must be implemented anyway because it concern any part of the core game system (production, infrastructures, space units design and socio-political matrix) so the current goal stay the same.

The following parts that are ditched for now are: the unified combat system, the foreign relation system, the memetic engineering subsystem.

The ones that will be implemented with reduced features: the AI with the level 1 of analysis only (the strategic goals), the trading system

What will be implemented as planned previously? The space units design including the in game designer and the equipment modules, the global communication system for the fog of war, and the events system for dynamically generated events including maybe the dynamic historical ones.
I will implement also all the required assets for this first part too, i.e.: the other playable factions, additional space units, infrastructures and products.

I'm sorry for that but I can't really do much.

Of course, once it's done I will implement the rest of the core systems, FARC stay a long term dev for me but it's just that I want to give you something to really play than an empty 5 years tech demo.

Stay tuned and really thanks again for your interest :)


  1. Don't worry. Do as you see fit. Even having a smaller release that does works is better, I agree. And develope from there.

    Keep up the great work. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment and support!

      I really want to make something of this project, aka something playable. To have designed the game in virtual two parts isn't so bad in this case. It's just that I think that after 5 years, people which follow this project deserve better :]

      So yes, I put on hold some parts of the development that aren't vital for this entry level in the game and I continue the rest.

      Thanks again :]

    2. Even for myself, I really want to see something "complete" turning in the gaming loop, not only some game systems.

  2. great work, thanks for you dedication an patience. thanks for all your works

    1. Hey thanks for your support Alejandro, as I can thanks too anyone which follow this project.
      It's awesome when what you do, pick the interest of people around the world :)

  3. Divide and conquer, it was the best antidote to "I can't meet a deadline I've set to myself" I've found so far. Your blog will stay on my reading list for a long time, don't worry about losing audience there.

    1. Thank you Ivan! :)
      Yeah too much projects never see the light of the day by being playable, especially in the open source world, I don't want FARC be among those. I passed already too much time on it, but I must don't lie to myself too and stay into the reality.