A Thought about Improving the Production System

I just seen the beta first impressions of Planetary Annihilation on spacesector.com and at one moment it speak about the streaming economy concept; "where your resources are consumed as you build; paying the cost of the unit you are currently building at a rate of X resource per time interval; as opposed to paying the full cost upfront when the unit is queued."

FARC doesn't currently do that; an infrastructure only appears in the available list if the colony have ALL the required resources upfront, and frankly I think that a streaming economy model would fit better for a game like FARC than the model it currently uses.

I don't know if I will work that for the alpha 10, it's not a priority at all for this stage, but it's certainly a good path. Anyway the production user's interface needs also a good bunch of work, for now it doesn't inform the player at all about the requirements, and it doesn't allow him/her to configure a production.
FARC, the eternal alpha game :)

Farcodev logoff.


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    1. Haha :)
      Nothing much for now; I implementing the core of the RDS and you can see it in the SVN commits since I finally resumed the upload.
      Thanks for you interest Alejandro :]

    2. Tomorrow I have a holiday, and it's for FARC from morning to (early) night :)