Alpha 10: Common Core and Tech Distribution

At the start of each game, the player will receive what I call a "common core" of technologies.
This common core is constituted by all the tech level 1 technosciences with a pseudo-random addition of other technologies from tech level 2 to 5 max, according to which faction the player's colony have its allegiance. So each game the player haven't exactly the same tech, allowing to keep a certain coherence with the dynamic and semi-random research & development system and some factions doesn't provide the same set of technologies than the others.
The technology capability of the player's colony will be relatively basic compared to all the other factions, but it's logical that a remote and small colony doesn't have all the knowledge to do anything, and it doesn't prevent the colony's population to use higher tech equipment. It's a bit like if you would go in an Antarctica station with some iThing without to have the ability and knowledge to manufacture a new one. So the colony will not be able to manufacture the same kind of products than the other big factions at the start of a game, or to elaborate advanced design for new spacecrafts.
Even if it is not critical for the first part of the game, the player's faction will be able to compensate this starting disadvantage by some means; like to buy exploitation licenses or the technologies themselves.

That's all for now. I know that doesn't sound like a standard strategy game, but as I said in a previous post the player's faction doesn't begin a game at the same level than the others, but don't worry it will be possible to even compete the biggest factions in this game because space is big, risky, costly, and bigger faction doesn't obligatory means better but with more problems (without even talking about geopolitics tensions).

I continue to finalize technosciences from level 1 to 5 and implement them. After that I will start to work on the research & development system itself.

Stay tuned.


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  2. that such a development will beta 10?

  3. Thanks a lot, I go to put that.

    "that such a development will beta 10?"
    Look at the new dev post :)