Tech Tree: A Zoomed Out View

Here is a small post to show you a screenshot of the unified tech tree in all its messy beauty :)

This document is only one part of the data, the second part is an ODS file that stores all the technoscience's data.
It will not be filled up before the release of the alpha 10, but as I said in the previous post only a small part will be effectively in the game. But yes it's some work already.
 I just push the design work because the technosciences are spread into two other ODG files  (souvenirs from the previous failed iterations).

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10: End of Data Implementation, Technosciences XML and Basics of the RDS

I designed a certain number of technosciences and theories since mid-March. I will stop it shortly because my plan is to put only most of those of the level 1 to 4 into the XML.
The pre-development phase, with the data structures and the expansion of the loading and saving of the save game file, is near to be completed.

The next phase is finally to implement the first "layer" of the Research & Development System (RDS) which manage the dynamic system and also build the user's interface. This last part will be located into the unified interface panel.

Normally it's OK yet for this first semester, I don't see any problem for this deadline, even if you haven't seen many code commits but it is due to my work into the design. For now there are 134 technosciences into the spreadsheet file and that number is of course subject to change, and also doesn't mean all of them will be implemented; I plan to put about 30 to 40 of them for the alpha 10.

That's all for now and don't worry I working on it, slowly as usual :)

Thanks for your support and interest and stay tuned.