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Alpha 10: Products and Research

As usual I'm a bit late, but anyway it's an important and complicated part and the basics must be done at 100%.

I updated many things in the design of the products and infrastructures regarding the technosciences.

For reminder; technosciences, once mastered, have a development level (DL) from 0 to 10. Zero correspond to the experimental level and 1 to 10 the application levels.

Basically, out of the resources, a product can have one technoscience that is used as a prerequisite to its refining and manufacturing. This same technoscience can have an affect list which is a list of effects applied to a product according to the technoscience's DL.

For example the product Multi-Walled Nanotubes, which is a material, has a prerequisite technoscience named Superstrong Fabrics. Once this technology is mastered it will affect the quality of the material, especially its tensile strength and young modulus, which are used to calculate the defense/armor of the space units and infrastruct…

Alpha 10: End of Mass Design/Conversion, Near-Completion of RDS Design and Start of Dev

I finally completed the transfer of all the design work I made for the two previous iterations into this current one.
The technosciences and theories count for about more than 160 of them in the spreadsheet, but the graph, which is more filled than in the screenshot of the previous post, totalize about 200 of them. It's a bit of work, as always with something complicated as we like it :)

I also continued to design the Research & Development System (RDS) because obviously it wasn't really finished. It is the case now. I must transfer this work into the main document but it's more a job of word processor than something else now.

So, finally from this Friday night I will begin the implementation of the RDS into FARC with these much summarized steps:

Implementation of the required technosciences data into the products' data structures.Implementation of the required technosciences data into the infrastructure's data structures.Implementation of the dynamic layer subs…