Alpha 10: Additional Items of Influence

Initially the Discovery Probability (DP) of a technoscience (TS) was mainly influenced by the mastering of its related/child TS. Now additional items of influence are also added to it and there are of three possible kind:
  • standard events can be included in this list without any limitation in the number. The only limit is that only the Undiscovered Areas event type is used. So that means that a DP of a technoscience can also receive a boost by a discovery; as for example the survey of a black hole that can boost Black Holes Science.
  • a policy can influence a particular TS if it is enforced.
  • an adopted meme by the population can affect a particular TS and is dynamically adjusted according to the meme's Belief and Spread Level.
I also finally completed the transfer of all technosciences' data and the destruction of the old and deprecated documents. Actually the entire tree has at least 180 technosciences and theories.

So now I'm going to continue to implement technosciences of level 1 to level 4 or 5, implement the R&D influence onto the infrastructures and finally develop the research & development system.

Late as usual :)

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