Alpha 10: Level 1 and 2 Done. Products Done.

The entire technosciences of level 1 and 2 are now in game and that make 46 of them. Some details in their data will expand with time, especially in what they affect.
The plan stay that I will implement the level 3 and 4 too.

  1. Implementation of the required technosciences data into the products' data structures.
    Done. It was already the case but I forgot to complete the log...
  2. Implementation of the required technosciences data into the infrastructure's data structures.
  3. Implementation of the dynamic layer subsystem (including the user's interface update).
  4. Implementation of research & development subsystem (including the user's interface update).
These last month I was in slow dev mode for some reasons, but back on track for more regular dev. In fact I passed also much more time into the game design than I thought; I had to cleanup a stack of old documents, from the previous iterations, and see if there were some information to recover from these. These docs concerned mainly the technosciences. So by this way, no previous work has been done in vain.

With the implementation of the research & development system (RDS) I will be able to finally show you some screenshots.

For the game design I also had to update the part of the population's instruction and training, because obviously this subsystem is linked in for some part to the RDS. It's not entirely completed but a progress has been made.

I will certainly also update the population in FARC with the three, multiethnic, races; the humans, the clones and the artificial intelligences. Only the basis of these, required for the RDS, will be implemented but that was one to-do item far posterior to the alpha 10 that was planned.

Stay tuned and thanks as always for your interest in this project.

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