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Alpha 10: Factions Change and Refinements

I finished the design of the Common Core rules.

I now updating the design of the only, for now, available faction in the game concerning its own common core and the pre-setup for the player's faction common core. I modified some things like the faction in the game aren't playable factions anymore but power blocs. Why? Because this denomination wasn't true since the player hasn't directly the control of one of them but depends on it. Also there will be more than 8 in game factions the player could join, I can't say how much yet, especially since the 8 ones aren't even fully implemented, but we will see.

So the plan is that I finish anything concerning the design of the common core for the extrasolar power block Magellan Unity, I implement it in the game database and I finally coding the common core rules. After that I will update finally the unified interface to display a basic interface for the research & development system and I will implement the RDS aft…

Alpha 10: Common Core

I currently working on the common core of technologies for the factions, including the player's factions.
For reminder, the common core rules will do two things:
For the non player's factions, the common core of technosciences and fundamental researches will exist already by design, but semi-random calculations will be applied onto the technosciences' development levels, so that will change from one game to another. Does it make a difference into a fixed/designed configuration? Yes since the development level define the quality of infrastructures, products and equipment modules built, produced and designed by each faction. It would be certainly cool to randomize entirely the tech setup for these factions, but since FARC is a game based on a background/back story I want to keep a certain coherence. But there is one point: I plan to generate minor factions completely dynamically, and in this case their common core will be completely random.For the player's faction the bas…

Alpha 10: Technosciences Implementation Completed - Resuming of Development

Finally all the technosciences and the fundamental researches from level 1 to 4 are implemented. As usual that was a slow process at the turtle's speed but it is done.
The total of implemented technosciences is now at 85, and here is the complete list of them:

 Fundamental Researches:

Antimatter Theory [Physics, Level 2].Astrobiology [Biosciences, Level 1].Astronomy [Astro-Engineering, Level 1].Black Holes Science [Astro-Engineering, Level 4].Climatology [Ecosciences, Level 1].Cognitive Science [Biosciences, Level 2].Conceptualization [Culture, Level 1].Cryobiology [Biosciences, Level 1].Cryonics [Biosciences, Level 2].General Theory of Relativity [Astro-Engineering, Level 1].High-Energy Particles Physics [Physics, Level 3].Logic & Algorythms [Industrial Technologies, Level 1].Memetics [Culture, Level 1].Plasma Physics [Physics, Level 3].Quantum Mechanics [Physics, Level 1].Stars Physics [Astro-Engineering, Level 2].Superfluidics [Physics, Level 2].Terrestrial Physics [Ecoscien…