Alpha 10: Factions Change and Refinements

I finished the design of the Common Core rules.

I now updating the design of the only, for now, available faction in the game concerning its own common core and the pre-setup for the player's faction common core. I modified some things like the faction in the game aren't playable factions anymore but power blocs. Why? Because this denomination wasn't true since the player hasn't directly the control of one of them but depends on it. Also there will be more than 8 in game factions the player could join, I can't say how much yet, especially since the 8 ones aren't even fully implemented, but we will see.

So the plan is that I finish anything concerning the design of the common core for the extrasolar power block Magellan Unity, I implement it in the game database and I finally coding the common core rules. After that I will update finally the unified interface to display a basic interface for the research & development system and I will implement the RDS afterward. Meanwhile I will also update the infrastructure's data structure regarding the research & development too.

This project is a long and uncertain but never boring path.


  1. Even if they're really not functional, it'd be really cool (and probably beneficial in terms of finding any accidentally overlooked issues) if you could share the more recent builds. There's some weird issues that happen where the game will start pausing itself every game-hour, sometimes after a successful survey (which never reports the resources identified) or after a mining site has been constructed. I don't really know why it's happening, but it is. Additionally, the Tension factor will quickly reach numbers exceeding 1000% if one attempts to colonize using a larger number of colony pods (30-40)

    1. Yes there are known bugs that will be squashed before the release, they have been reported some times ago, and generated because the survey has some floating point errors I forgot to code correctly to prevent them.
      The alpha 10 will be released but not before it is completed. I don't do dev/testing build until that, sorry.
      For the second part, I don't know how you managed to launch 30-40 colony pods but it's not possible as designed at the start of the game, unless you modified a xml file, in this case it screwed up something like population capacity. In this case it's normal that you have a tension killing the roof since it is certainly generated because of overpopulation event. But again it's not the normal use so not really a bug and will not occur in the game unless a space unit is really and normally equipped with this number of pods of course, but in this last case the bug will not occur.
      I just tested with 10 additional pods and the Tension isn't affected more by them, as it must do.