Alpha 10: Common Core and PDF

I continuing to implement the common core; now it initialize the data of each entity's data structure (including the player's one) at the start of a new game, setup the ones of tech level 1 as mastered, and for the non-player factions add the designed common core setup, if one of them has some.

Yes it's a slow process I know and August is nearly finished... Anyway after the common core for the NP factions I will do the same for the player's faction (it's a bit of different set of rules) and will finally begin to implement a skeleton of interface for the research & development system.

By the way, as I did by the past, I uploaded a new version of the summary of the main design document.

The pdf is here: On Dropbox

Why only a summary? Not because my game design is ultra unique or top secret but it's a work-in-progress (you will see into the summary that many sections are light with only one page, others more complete have from 40 to 100 pages...) so subject to change nearly all the days and not particularly well written.

Anyway I wanted to show you the size of this doc, you can see it's with small margins because I feel it more practical for many tables, with standard margins the doc take about 365 pages actually.

Oh and I nearly forgot; someone assisted me to correct some part of English version of the encyclopedia, and I appreciate it much because most of the time my English grammar is so-so since it's not my first language. I could see this fact by inspecting his pull requests.

That's all for now.


  1. I'm sorry for the lack of post. I will make a new one when I will begin the work on the interface.