Alpha 10: Population Planner and Research Crews

Beside the implementation of the common core, I am working on the design of the Population Planner, which will be also implemented for this alpha 10.
What it is and what is the link with the research & development system (RDS)?
If you don't know yet, the population in FARC has three possible races (humans, clones and artificial intelligences) and each of these can have one or more than one ethnic group and each of these have at least one category, like Engineers for the baseline ethnic group of the human race. The assignment of the population to the different tasks, as staff for infrastructures and crews for space units, and the training to allow part of population of a category to switch to one other is entirely automated and use sets of rules related to the General Population Rules set into the Population Planner.
The Population Planner is a set of rules that affect the population of each faction, and its interface for the player will be located into a tab of the Unified Management Interface. Out of this rules setting, the management of the population is entirely automated and doesn't require any more action from the player and AI. These rules are at the faction level and so affect any colony of a same faction but in the interface, and the AI code, it will be possible to override these rules for a particular colony and thus taking in account the particularity of each colony if needed.

The RDS also use this Population Planner by adding a subsection to set a rule for the research crews and to tell the game how the pool of research crews must be managed, how it must be used to assign crew to an intelligence infrastructure and also of course to determine the training rules.

So that's it, another thing to implement for this alpha 10, it is not surprising that the changes list for this alpha 10 growing over the time, even if slowly.

Stay tuned.

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