Secondary and Dev News: FARC on GitHub, Change in the Common Core

I decided to move the source of FARC to GitHub.

The page of the project is here.

The alpha 10 and all subsequent releases will be put also on GitHub; at least anything will be at the same place. I don't know which limitations are imposed by GitHub concerning the releases size but anyway the process was easy and painless.

I would also like a public bugtracker but GitHub doesn't provide that, only if you are already registered on this site.

That's all, I continue to implementing the common core.

Oh by the way I dropped the idea to have the setting of the technosciences and fundamental researches for the factions made entirely by design. The tech for the non player factions are instead generated by following the guidelines of their common core orientations. Some key tech can be specified by design but they are only specific cases based on the faction's history and culture.

That's all, stay tuned.


  1. Glad you are working hard!

    1. Not hard enough but I do my best :)
      Thanks for your support! Cheers!

  2. A small question, but where may I report bugs?

    1. Good question. If you have a GitHub account, you can always report it by this way here:

      Or you can send an email to

      Or as a third option, put a comment on a recent post here.

      I'm sorry, there isn't any centralized mean for it.