Alpha 10: Research Interface / Post Alpha 10 Plan

Today, after my job, I will begin a skeleton of interface to display the research domains, the research  fields and the technosciences/fundamental researches (TS/FR). I finally finished the setup of the common core for the player and non-player factions.

The following steps will be the inclusion of the infrastructures that generate R&D and the research crew.

Finally I will implement the basics of the RDS itself for the knowledge and TS/FR progression and that will be done.

Of course I don't forget about the two show stopper bugs, one for the planetary survey and the other for the production system, and will fix them before the official release.

I will not repeat what is my general plan after the release, you can refer to the Sept 22 post for that, but below I put you the details of the 10 iterations of the alpha 10 before I will pass to the next step of the development in a future alpha 11.

  • Iteration 1: overall user's interface changes like: the overhaul of the messages panel, full shortcut keys, a general options panel, different mode of Zoom for the 3D view, complete overhaul of the encyclopedia
  • Iteration 2: Colony Simulation Model: completion of the system, new CSM events, review of all the calculations and modifiers, completion of the settlements, inclusion of the colony levels (something that exists in the doc but not in game..), overhaul and expansion of the colony panel
  • Iteration 3: assets iteration. To be defined*
  • Iteration 4: SPM: complete implementation of all designed memes and policies, of all the political systems with their affect onto the gameplay, of all the economic systems with their affect onto the gameplay, and new effects.
  • Iteration 5: assets iteration. To be defined*
  • Iteration 6: Production System: including the expansion of the interface with infrastructures/product data and option to display not available infrastructures
  • Iteration  7: assets iteration. To be defined*
  • Iteration 8: Colonization Phase System: completion of the system and addition of colonization objectives.
  • Iteration 9: assets iteration. To be defined*
  • Iteration 10: completion of the Research & Development System, including the entire thirteen  levels not yet present in the game.
*the assets iterations concern only the assets of the game and the content of each of these iteration will be defined by me. They can contains: new star systems, new infrastructures, non-player's factions, new products, new messages, pictures, icons, sounds and musics

Each iteration change will be included into a unified patch for the upcoming alpha 10. So you will be able to update this alpha at any iteration step, without bothering yourself by thinking if you need to download previous patches or not. Of course you can wait for the iteration 10 patch, alpha 11 or the beta (if one day it becomes a reality). It's only in the case if you are interested to test this strange beast of mine :)

Stay tuned

NB: tomorrow is a holiday for me and I will work full time on FARC (the first one in the year, since for the previous ones real life taken its dues)

Friendly reminder

Since I haven't posted anything for one month it's time to remind you that I working on the game.
Yes again on the research & development system and yes the same alpha since January. But my life has been busy, because I pursued a path of self education into fields outside of dev and game dev this year, and I put far less work on FARC than in 2013, it's easy to recognize it and I'm sorry for that.

So what will happen? I will deliver the alpha 10 by the end of this year (yes 2014) and will work, as planned in the September 22th post, to complete the basic part of the game during all the year of 2015.

Thanks again for your interest and a big sorry for the lack of posts.