Alpha 10: (WIP) UMI - RDS Tab Sneak Peek

 I passed some time to select icons from two sources (the credits are updated).
 It's not finished but looks OK, for a dry space strategy game.
 Of course the disposition of the elements adjust in realtime according to the window size, even in 1024*768. I precise it because I know that the rest of the main interface needs work yet to fully comply to that.

So thanks to Lorc and the Noun Project for their cool icons

'nuff said, stay tuned :)

NB: Oh btw I'm off all this week (holydays). So yes it's why you see me posting an update now; I working and will continue to work full time all this week.
It's not a luxury if I want to release it on time (Dec 28-31/2014 at max.