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Alpha 10 Release and Wishes

The alpha 10 is released.

You can find it here on DropBox.

From now, as said in this postand this one, any further development is stopped until the basic part of FARC, concerning the setup of the first player's colony, is 100% completed as designed.
And work there is, bugs to be fixed it must, desert of assets populated it will (not it's not a typo I just try to do the smart ass).
So I initialize tonight the first iteration of the plan and from tomorrow I will begin the dev.
I let about 1 month with + 6 days at max, or less than that depending of my speed and the work to do, for each iteration.
That will bring more release into unified patches. So you will be able to update this alpha (the 10) at any iteration step, without bothering yourself by thinking if you need to download previous patches or not. Of course you can wait for the iteration 10 patch, alpha 11 or the beta (if one day it becomes a reality).

By the way I fixed 3d show stopper bugs, so that "should be OK…

Alpha 10: Last Post Before Release (incl. Screenshots)

Finally the basics of the interface of the Research & Development System (RDS) for this alpha 10 is completed.
Of course there are only the basics but the overall will be completed during the completion phase in 2015.
So here are two screenshots, one showing the Industrial Technologies research domain:

And the one showing the Physics research domain:

As you can see there are some changes compared to the screenshot of the previous post.
First, it is certainly the most graphic part of the entire GUI in FARC. I used and modified some icons from the Noun Project and Lorc for the research domains' icons, that you can see on the top bar, the research fields' icons, that you can see on the left and finally for the icons used into the list of fundamental researches and technosciences linked to the selected domain.

In detail;
the first bar, below the research domain's name, indicate the accumulated knowledge for all the faction in this particular domain. (FYI anything displayed …