Alpha 10: Last Post Before Release (incl. Screenshots)

Finally the basics of the interface of the Research & Development System (RDS) for this alpha 10 is completed.
Of course there are only the basics but the overall will be completed during the completion phase in 2015.
So here are two screenshots, one showing the Industrial Technologies research domain:

And the one showing the Physics research domain:

As you can see there are some changes compared to the screenshot of the previous post.
First, it is certainly the most graphic part of the entire GUI in FARC. I used and modified some icons from the Noun Project and Lorc for the research domains' icons, that you can see on the top bar, the research fields' icons, that you can see on the left and finally for the icons used into the list of fundamental researches and technosciences linked to the selected domain.

In detail;
  • the first bar, below the research domain's name, indicate the accumulated knowledge for all the faction in this particular domain. (FYI anything displayed into the RDS tab of the unified management interface is a the faction level). To its left is shown the number of standard days required to generate one full research point (or RP). If the faction generate more than one RP by standard day, the value is displayed (as it is the case in the two screenshots above).
  • below the first bar are displayed the research fields of the current research domain. The icons to the left illustrate each field, the value on their right indicate, as for the research domain, the time in standard day to generate 1 RP. Finally the bars indicate the level of knowledge as for the research domain.
  • below them is the list of Fundamental Researches (FR) & Technosciences (TS). It list any FR and TS at least discovered by the player's faction. Since the system will be dynamic, not all of them are displayed like for static tech trees. The numbers inside the circles indicate the technology level. The FR/TS name is displayed beside. The jauge in the middle of each item indicate the research progress of each concerned FR/TS.
  • The icons on the right can indicate 3 status, that are all displayed in the first screenshot; the Discovered state is indicated by a stylized microscope lens, as you can see it for the TS Composite Materials. The Experimental Mastering state is indicated by a hammer inside a gear. Finally the Mastering at the Application Stage is indicated by a jauge that display in green each of the 10 levels of development for this state.

That's all for the show.
I go to fix the show stopper bug of the production system and fix the Planetary Survey bug to and will finally release the alpha 10 on Dec 31. Yes, I don't go to any end of year party, so the release will be the party for me.

Under the hood the RDS doesn't fully work yet, but will be by the end of the year 2015 since it will be the last iteration of the completion phase.
All in all I will be far less lazy for all 2015 as I could be this year.

That's all for now, thanks for your interest after all these years. I know that is a hard thing to do; I seen the 4X release of some studios that dev their game full time on it and are certainly more professional than me. But anyway dreams are to live by.

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