Alpha 10 Release and Wishes

The alpha 10 is released.

You can find it here on DropBox.

From now, as said in this post and this one, any further development is stopped until the basic part of FARC, concerning the setup of the first player's colony, is 100% completed as designed.
And work there is, bugs to be fixed it must, desert of assets populated it will (not it's not a typo I just try to do the smart ass).
So I initialize tonight the first iteration of the plan and from tomorrow I will begin the dev.
I let about 1 month with + 6 days at max, or less than that depending of my speed and the work to do, for each iteration.
That will bring more release into unified patches. So you will be able to update this alpha (the 10) at any iteration step, without bothering yourself by thinking if you need to download previous patches or not. Of course you can wait for the iteration 10 patch, alpha 11 or the beta (if one day it becomes a reality).

By the way I fixed 3d show stopper bugs, so that "should be OK".

It is time to flesh out all that.

Oh... and I whish you a happy new year 2015 :)
It is not yet the time for me in Canaduhland but most of the EU/Asia have already said goodbye to 2014.

Stay tuned.

Release Notes:
  • 3D:
    • overhaul of the atmosphere colors.
    • a complete cleanup code has been added, allowing to cleanup the current scene for the purpose of the loading of a new game and the future purpose to switch to another planetary system.
  • Colonization Phase System (CPS):
    • viability threshold values are now all better adjusted to their difficulty ranks.
  • Encyclopedia:
    • many English sections have been corrected by Max Horning.
  • Faction / Magellan Unity:
    • addition of its common core for the research & development system; include the research domains' orientations and the personalized core setup.
  • Factions:
    • implementation of the common core of research & development.
  • Game Flow System:
    • implementation of a turn-based subsystem.
    • the game flow system support now the realtime and turn based subsystems, ie it is possible to switch between realtime and turn-by-turn mode at any time.
  • Game Saving/Loading:
    • it is now possible to load a saved game by chosing a file, before any game is started or during the current session.
    • the research & development data for all the in-game entities (including the player) are now saved and loaded.
  • Graphics:
    • keyboard icons for the help panel (incomplete).
    • multiple icons for the RDS including: the research domains, research fields and those displaying the status of a fundamental research or technoscience.
  • Help Panel / Encyclopaedia:
    • overhaul on how the keyboard shortcuts are displayed (incomplete).
  • New Game Setup:
    • a new game can be setup during a current play session.
    • fix: the military threshold in % is correctly displayed.
    • full code audit for FCMgNG_Core_Proceed.
  • Planetary Survey:
    • bugfixes.
  • Products:
    • addition of material:
      • Gold.
  • Research & Development System (RDS):
    • the data structures of the research domains and field, including technosciences are implemented.
    • at the start of a game, the common core of each non-player faction is initialized dynamically and by taking into account of eventual pre-defined setup.
    • at the start of a game, the common core of the player faction is initialized dynamically according to the player's faction of allegiance.
    • addition of the following fundamental researches:
      • Antimatter Theory [Physics, Level 2].
      • Astrobiology [Biosciences, Level 1].
      • Astronomy [Astro-Engineering, Level 1].
      • Black Holes Science [Astro-Engineering, Level 4].
      • Climatology [Ecosciences, Level 1].
      • Cognitive Science [Biosciences, Level 2].
      • Conceptualization [Culture, Level 1].
      • Cryobiology [Biosciences, Level 1].
      • Cryonics [Biosciences, Level 2].
      • General Theory of Relativity [Astro-Engineering, Level 1].
      • High-Energy Particles Physics [Physics, Level 3].
      • Logic & Algorythms [Industrial Technologies, Level 1].
      • Memetics [Culture, Level 1].
      • Plasma Physics [Physics, Level 3].
      • Quantum Mechanics [Physics, Level 1].
      • Stars Physics [Astro-Engineering, Level 2].
      • Superfluidics [Physics, Level 2].
      • Terrestrial Physics [Ecosciences, Level 3].
    • addition of the following technosciences:
      • 3D Printing [Industrial Technologies, Level 3].
      • Advanced Photonic Cells [Physics, Level 4].
      • Alloys [Industrial Technologies, Level 1].
      • Antiprotons Generation & Isolation Techniques [Physics, Level 3].
      • Automation [Industrial Technologies, Level 1].
      • Basic Ecology [Ecosciences, Level 1].
      • Basic Mining & Refining [Industrial Technologies, Level 1].
      • Basic Modern Medicine [Biosciences, Level 1].
      • Batteries [Physics, Level 1].
      • Biochemistry [Biosciences, Level 1].
      • Chemical Engineering [Industrial Technologies, Level 1].
      • Chemical Medicine [Biosciences, Level 3].
      • Complete Brain Mapping [Biosciences, Level 4].
      • Composite Materials [Industrial Technologies, Level 2].
      • Computational Electromagnetics [Physics, Level 3].
      • Computer-Assisted Design [Industrial Technologies, Level 2].
      • Cryogenics [Industrial Technologies, Level 2].
      • D-T Fusion [Physics, Level 4].
      • Data Intensive Grids [IndustrialTechnologies, Level 4].
      • Deep Space Observations [Astro-Engineering, Level 4].
      • Directed Electromagnetism [Physics, Level 4].
      • Electromagnetism [Physics, Level 1].
      • Expert Systems [IndustrialTechnologies, Level 3].
      • Fullerenes Processing [Nanotechnology, Level 2].
      • Genetic Synthesis [Biosciences, Level 3].
      • Genetics [Biosciences, Level 1].
      • Geophysics [Ecosciences, Level 4].
      • High Pressure Diamonds [Industrial Technologies, Level 4].
      • Hydrochemical Agriculture [Ecosciences, Level 1].
      • Hydrogen Fuel Cells [Physics, Level 4].
      • Inflatable Habitats [Aerospace Engineering, Level 4].
      • Information Networks [IndustrialTechnologies, Level 3].
      • Ion Rocket Engines [Aerospace Engineering, Level 3].
      • Integrated 3D Systems [Industrial Technologies, Level 4].
      • Lasers [Physics, Level 1].
      • Logistics [Industrial Technologies, Level 1].
      • Long Duration Orbital Operations [Aerospace Engineering, Level 3].
      • Low Temperature Superconductors [Industrial Technologies, Level 3].
      • Metamaterials [Industrial Technologies, Level 4].
      • Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) [Industrial Technologies, Level 2].
      • Micro-Electronics [Industrial Technologies, Level 1].
      • Microrobotics [Industrial Technologies, Level 4].
      • Miniaturization [Industrial Technologies, Level 1].
      • Modern Agriculture [Ecology, Level 3].
      • Molecular Engineering [Nanotechnology, Level 3].
      • Multi-Stage-To-Orbit Vehicles [Aerospace Engineering, Level 1].
      • Nanocomposites [Nanotechnology, Level 4].
      • Neurology [Biosciences, Level 1].
      • Nuclear Fission [Physics, Level 1].
      • Nuclear Fission Propulsion [Aerospace Engineering, Level 4].
      • Orbital Flight [Aerospace Engineering, Level 2].
      • Photonic Energy [Physics, Level 1].
      • Photonics [Physics, Level 2].
      • Quantum Dots [Nanotechnology, Level 2].
      • Predictive Climatology [Ecosciences, Level 4].
      • Recycling Technics [Ecosciences, Level 3].
      • Relational Database Systems [Industrial Technologies, Level 2].
      • Robotics [Industrial Technologies, Level 2].
      • Rocket Propulsion [Aerospace Engineering, Level 1].
      • Solid-State Lasers [Physics, Level 3].
      • Supercapacitors [Physics, Level 3].
      • Superstrong Fabrics [Nanotechnology, Level 4].
      • Supraconductors [Industrial Technologies, Level 4].
      • Synthetic Biology [Biosciences, Level 4].
      • Targeted Medicine [Biosciences, Level 4].
      • Tissue Engineering [Biosciences, Level 4].
      • X-Ray Lasers [Physics, Level 3].
  • Unified Management Interface (UMI):
    • the size constraints are the same for any tab and are adjusted proportionally to the size of the main window at the initialization and each time the window is resized.
    • Research & Development Tab:
      • implementation of a Research Domains subsection; showing the current status and the progression of knowledge of each domain.
      • implementation of the basic list of discovered/mastered fundamental researches and technosciences.
  • User's Interface - General:
    • overhaul of the keyboard shortcuts (incomplete)
    • fonts are assigned dynamically during the initialization of the main window and no more generate any delay or hangs.

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