Blog Update: about Section

A tiny post to indicate that I updated and corrected a bit, the About/FAQ page with a better description of the setting of the game and what it is all about. To this time that wasn't pretty clear and badly written :)

That's all, yup.

Alpha 10-it#01: Fonts Overhaul (inc. screenshots)

The fonts overhaul is ongoing and I just finalized the fonts that are used in FARC.
I do that because some I used weren't at 100% open source compliant, and one in particular not very readable too. Now the fonts used in the game are open source friendly and, I think, are more readable.
The two first screenshots shows the basic interface during a play, so here's the one before:

And here's the one now:

These two others show some modifications into the description text of the selection faction of allegiance with the one before:

And here's the one now:

I need now to finalize this step by assigning dynamically any interface component in the game and it will be done.

The next step will concern the help panel with the completion of the display of the keyboard shortcuts, and the overhaul of the encyclopedia with the inclusion of the entire texts and a hierarchical display including some navigation options.
Beside that I will also complete the work on the keyboard shortcuts themselves for browsing the orbital objects and so on.

Let's burn this baby :)

Stay tuned.