Alpha 10-iter#02: Dev Update [ the current todolist ]

I only display what is already done (x) and what I actually working on (o):

Colony Simulation Model (CSM):
   (o) all existing CSM events (Colony Established, Dissident Colony, Governmental Destabilization, Health-Education Relation, Social Disorder, Unrest and Uprising) were been revised and completed.
   (o) all the events already implemented have their own unit. Additionally their code is audited and corrected.
   (x) event: Health-Instruction Relation: the modifiers are changed for a global ratios that  modify instruction as a whole.
   (o) the entire code that process the events is reworked and optimized.
   (o) completion of the event cancellation code which lacked of many data transfer.
   (o) a now useless cancellation method is removed.
   (o) the events have now custom statuses, those indicate more clearly than a cryptic integer value in which mode the event is.

   (x) new entries:
         (x) csm: cohesion data.
         (x) faction: faction template.
         (x) faction: Magellan Unity.
         (x) time flow system: real time and turn-based time flow (main description).

   (o) full code audit (refactoring, code cleanup, optimizations, bug fixing like the one which concern the decimal setting) of the following units:
         (o) farc_csm_core.
         (o) farc_csm_events.
Socio-Political Matrix:
   (x) funky calculations of the SPM items modifiers is now fixed.

Work, work, work.

Just notice that I also work on the design document to cleanup some mess I made by building the CSM.

Stay tuned.


  1. I think you forgot to provide correct download link. I can't download it from dropbox link on download page.

    1. Yes sorry, I haven't updated the download page since they are only sub-releases.

      You can find them on the Github page: