Alpha 10-iteration #02- Colony Simulation Model

The second iteration is about the completion of the colony Simulation Model, which is of course already implemented but have some holes in the code and requires full testing and adjustments. It's not only an under the hood update but include also its interface and its encyclopedia entries.

The under the hood part will be about to fill the holes in the code, particularly for testing the data over the time, to adjust the modifiers, and adding new colony events.

The interface updates will touch the Colony Panel which require a serious cleaning. The part that will be worked are those concerning the population and the settlements.

Finally the encyclopedia part will be about adding a maximum of entries cocnerning the explanation of this game system, the data it touches and the detail of each colony event.

It's easy to  put ideas, more less to put them into fruition. When I see the awesome brothers which doing that with DF since more than 15 years, I'm nothing beside them.

That's all, stay tuned and thanks again for your interest in this project after all this time.

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