Alpha 10-iter#02: Dev Update

As usual it takes time and I'm slow as a turtle.

For now I applying under the hood code again and it's a complete mess work between many units, it is not even possible to compile the code for now, but step after step the reorganization + code audit go to an end.

I also changing most of the modifiers the CSM core system and its events have, after to have adjusted them by design. I think that the results will be better. Also in the previous versions, the system wasn't able to clear old events pretty well, that will be history at the release.

The release itself is always planned for this month, I wanted to add new events but that will be for another release.

Stay tuned and thanks for your interest.


  1. > As usual it takes time and I'm slow as a turtle.

    Magic is a difficult and risky art. ;) And who said you're slow?

    Keep it up. I'm waiting for it eagerly. :)

    1. "And who said you're slow?" Me myself and I, lol.
      But anyway, sometime after my job I'm not motivated to dev. It's a common thing in our open source community I think :))
      Thanks for your support! Keep up the good work with yours too!

  2. Im cheering for you! Good luck!

    1. Thank you a lot! It continue to progress slowly but things goes right. I go to move my bottom this weekend and dev on it. Cheers! :)