Alpha 10-iter#02: Last Post Before Release

The iteration #2 will be released at max on April 5th.

I pushing the accelerator to complete the rework of the events but, as usual when you work with a certain number of systems that depends on each other, there are many changes here and here outside the CSM that must be made too...

Anyway all the events are updated with adjusted modifiers, the fighting rules for the Uprising and Dissident Colony events have been reworked for some parts, and the mean age calculations, after a population transfer into a colony, has been entirely revised.

The only problem is that I haven't updated anything in the interface to displaying the new event's informations, I will try to do it before this weekend but I promise nothing. This iteration will be released.

Anyway the iteration #03 will be about the additions of new assets and general interface updates, so I will do it.
Since I will also overhaul the messaging system, I will implement new messages to inform the player on the major events that occurs in his/her colonies.

That's all, my next post will be done at the release date this weekend.

Thanks for your diamonoid patience, no games and videos for me during this week :)

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