Alpha 10 - iteration #03: Dev Status [ CSM Events + Encyclopedia + Hint Subsystem ]

I finally finished the automated formatting of the CSM events in the encyclopedia since yesterday.
Now I adding the full description of each implemented event with all their details.
I will post screenshots of it in the last post before the release.

The encyclopedia is also fully mouse wheel compliant without the need for the player to click each element of the interface. This behavior should apply to other parts of the UI as well, outside the help panel. I applied many fixes for that.
Also zooming/unzooming on one of these elements will not affect the zoom/unzoom of the 3d view, that needed to be fixed.

Tonight I will also implement the HTML hint subsystem and will begin to add some of them for certain elements of the interface. Don't  hope to have hints for the full interface of FARC, but at least my custom framework, based on an external component, will be enabled.

I haven't completed yet the upgrade in the display of CSM events into the colony panel, but it will be for the release.

Outside of that, the completion of the description of the keyboard shortcuts into the help panel will not take a long time to do.
And adding new messages would be OK too, I need to add several of them to warn the player of the course of the CSM events of his/her colonies.

That's all, I would like to do more than that but it is better than nothing, the completed todolist items are many :)

Stay tuned.

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