Alpha 10 - iteration #03: Dev Status

Annoyed by more posts this year?  Yeah, I woke up from my lazy cave, deal with it. I'm kidding you a bit, but yeah I'm a bit more active.

  • to update the interface for the CSM events.
  • =[DONE]= to change the display of the population of a colony.
  • [in development] to overhaul the messaging system (including addition of new messages).
  • to update the main keyboard shortcuts.
  • to update the encyclopedia.
Nothing much, but now FARC can deal with big population numbers. It isn't relevant at the start of a game, but the player doesn't mean to stay with only some hundred of people in his/her colony...
It was something fast to dev but useful.

Since yesterday and even during my lunch break at my job, I'm working on the complete overhaul of the messaging system. I'm not far to complete it too beside the code audit and addition of a stack of new messages.

FARC will be a bit more... talkative, so to speak and will be able to translate the messages if the player change the language.

Stay tuned, I will post screenshots when I will have completed more than one small updates.

NB: also I forgot to complete the code about events cancellation for the Colony Simulation Model in the iteration #02, I will complete it for the #03 sorry.

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