Alpha 10 - iteration #03: Messages Banners and Hints/Popup

Now the messages can have a banner that illustrate the type of the currently selected message. I already made and added some of them for this iteration... and applied the credits where it is due :)
I don't post screenshots yet, since I'm at work, and I prefer to complete other parts of the interface before.

During this lunch break I worked the CSM event s cancellation, it will be completed tonight by the end of this day.

I go to add another feature for the release of this iteration, something very advanced technologically speaking, that even AAA games will wish to have; the hints and other information popup.
Kidding and joking aside, this is a feature that will not be an option for something like FARC, and like for other parts of the interface in the game, I can format them on a HTML way, so with many variations possibles, including pictures and so on.
It was something that was already done in the previous failed iteration of FARC, so I will go to recover this old code, clean it up and implement it for the next release.

New messages are also always planned.

That's all for now... and oh, since I contacted one of the person that made 2D assets that  I use, here is a small teaser of the welcome message with its banner:

Stay tuned.

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