Alpha 10 - iteration #03: Uninvited Guest: FaDE

If you seen the last GitHub entries, especially with the build, you've seen something concerning the Faction Decision Engine, or FaDE.
Well, it is what will be the AI engine of the game... at least something I can call AI, I prefer to stay modest since I never did that for a strategy game in my thirty years or so of programming.

For now only some empty units are added, and before the release this weekend I will begin to create some very basic data structures.
You should ask "why know?" and I should answer that it is just a very small brick in the grand convoluted design of things. And I prefer to implement it part by part, until I come to officially working on it in the far future with the 0.7.5.
Part of the AI is already designed, even if not fully put in the main doc yet.

So that's it. The release dates stay the same and I will make post, before it, with screenshots as promised.

Stay tuned.

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