Alpha 10 - iteration #03: Dev Status

  • to update the interface for the CSM events.
  • =[DONE]= to change the display of the population of a colony.
  • =[DONE]= to overhaul the messaging system (including addition of new messages).
  • to update the main keyboard shortcuts.
  • to update the encyclopedia.
The complete overhaul of the messaging system is done. Now I have to apply the code audit and addition of a stack of new messages.

The load has been greatly reduced on the game save file due to the presence of directly plain messages in the previous versions of FARC, and even if it isn't critical at the stage of this game, it will be when a truckload of messages will be generated. Now a game file only store the configuration data of each message.

After I finished with the in-game messages, I will update the CSM interface and will complete the code for events cancellation.

Stay tuned.

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