Alpha 10 - iteration#04: Some Words about the SPM

Since I worked on it during my lunch break, I thought it was relevent to explain what the SPM is and how it works on a broad level.

I called this system the Socio-Political Matrix because it manages the policies and memes, also called SPM items,  applied to a faction.
The matrix is taken from the fact that there is a sort of matrix of influence which modelize acceptance and rejection of of SPM items and also generate reactions from the faction's population.
The very basic idea has been taken from the civics in Civilization IV, and I developped a system from it, which is now well different from the one used in this game.

For the policies, the matrix will define acceptance in enforcement of a policy from the player or an AI.
For the memes, the matrix modelize the evolution over the time of how a population take and reject ideas and other ideologies.

The most difficult part is into build up the matrix itself and design matrix modifiers in the most objective way, outside my own education, experience and vision of this human world. It is an interesting, and a difficult, experience because I learnt about many subjects that doesn't interesting me much from the start.
Finding objective sources of information is also all a challenge, but if you put your social and local brainwashing and look with an open mind you can retrieve valuable information and modelize something coherent.

In the end, the global objective of the SPM is to provide societies that aren't, if possible, much entangled into science-fiction clich├ęs.

I continue to expand and applying correction into the SPM and beside of it the rework of the SPM matrix modifiers continue too.

It is a bit slow, but I hope to release this iteration in June.

Thank you.

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