Alpha 10 - iteration#04: Delays, Delays + Overhaul of the Influence Matrix

As usual I am late...

The overhaul of the matrix of influence between all the policies and memes takes time, but the progression is made; I finally began to update the XML file of these items (not uploaded on GitHub yet).

Once done, I will continue my work on the code about the policies enforcement and memes progression, so, with additional code audit and completion of these parts of the system.

I don't want to release this iteration with the SPM not completed, because it is the goal of this iteration itself!

After this one, in the next iteration I will work on the production system. I planned previously an iteration for new assets, but I take too much time in additional code and design.

I prefer to complete the basic game systems first and I will take time to, finally, working on the assets of the game (new factions, planetary systems, infrastructures, events, messages and so on...)

This damned time balance and my lazyness :)

Stay tuned.

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