Alpha 10 -iteration #04: Confirmation of SPM Influence Matrix Completion + Release Date

It is FINALLY... done :)
I have 1 hour left at the time of this post, so I go to apply some final adjustments and start the update of the XML file.

I will release this iteration before the end of this month, whatever happens.

Anyway, here is a quick reminder of what is done since now:
  • part of the SPM code is corrected and upgraded.
  • the influence matrix overhaul is done.
  • the interface updated/implemented for the SPM.
  • the interface is implemented for the control state of the current system.
  • the interface of the colony panel is updated with the display of the type of Power & Organization Center setup in a colony.
  • the faction levels are fully implemented.
  • the rules about the control of a star system and its interface is implemented.
  • the rules of the Colonization Phase System, for each faction's status and each of their levels, were been cleaned, expanded and completed.
  • many bug fixes into the game systems and the interface are cleared.
  • 5 new entries in the encyclopedia.
  • HUD clicking, in the 3D view, is fixed. And the fonts are now 100% compliant with the dynamic and static font sizing system.
Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 -iteration #04: SPM (real) Completion this Weekend and Precisions/Corrections

On July 13, I said that the influence matrix between the memes and policies was completed and on July 31 I said that I struggled into the redesign of this matrix.
Well that requires some precisions; between these two dates I wasn't pretty happy to what I did in these modifiers; that was again to "synthetic" with not enough variations and too much of extreme values.
And with the mass of numbers I started to struggling to enter the values myself and certainly made many mistakes.
In short, my last 1 month of work sucked, literally. So I redesigned it with two goals in mind; full automation into the calculation of the modifiers, clear and complete list of elements that I can use to define these modifiers, in the most objective way.
And on July 31st I finally completed a new system of calculation.
Let's be clear, it doesn't change something of the game system regarding the SPM itself (and that could be the frustrating part), just it allows me to design better modifiers for the influence matrix. I really wanted thing done right for it, especially since I must add 5 more policies and memes before the release.
So the transfer of the 2~3 thousands of modifiers is nearly completed, and will be totally done by the end of this weekend.
I will do a mass update of the XML file belonging to the SPM items, will update the git and finally resume the dev.
I know I'm late, regarding of my goals set in January but things are like that.

So that's it for the news, FARC is always slowly into the progress.

Thanks for your interest.