Alpha 10 -iteration #04: Confirmation of SPM Influence Matrix Completion + Release Date

It is FINALLY... done :)
I have 1 hour left at the time of this post, so I go to apply some final adjustments and start the update of the XML file.

I will release this iteration before the end of this month, whatever happens.

Anyway, here is a quick reminder of what is done since now:
  • part of the SPM code is corrected and upgraded.
  • the influence matrix overhaul is done.
  • the interface updated/implemented for the SPM.
  • the interface is implemented for the control state of the current system.
  • the interface of the colony panel is updated with the display of the type of Power & Organization Center setup in a colony.
  • the faction levels are fully implemented.
  • the rules about the control of a star system and its interface is implemented.
  • the rules of the Colonization Phase System, for each faction's status and each of their levels, were been cleaned, expanded and completed.
  • many bug fixes into the game systems and the interface are cleared.
  • 5 new entries in the encyclopedia.
  • HUD clicking, in the 3D view, is fixed. And the fonts are now 100% compliant with the dynamic and static font sizing system.
Stay tuned.

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