Alpha 10 -iteration #05: Code Audit Completion and Bug Bugs Bugs

The code audit for the production system is entirely completed.

But now I have a good stack of bugs to kill, with some like; the CSM event Colony Established that don't fade correctly and gives a negative Tension making it a data bug coupled with a crash bug, The built Mining Site that mine... nothing even with surveyed resource spots, bug into the Colony Panel for the owned infrastructures and finally a bug with the rules subsytem Energy Equilibrium rules that occurs when I build the Mining Site and the colony hasn't enough energy to sustain it.

Yeah all that... and November is nearly done... :)

Alpha 10 -iteration #05: Full Week Report (in addition of the Nov. 17 post)

The calculations are completed for the two Energy Generation Modes; Nuclear Fission and Photon Energy. They were previously partially implemented in game, especially for Nuclear Fission.
Additionally they fully support technological improvement by taking into account the mastering and the development level from their related and required technosciences.

Beside that, the products and infrastructures now, also fully support their required tech too, included those for their custom effects, if there is any.
It is not yet supported by the production system itself, but it will be after I completed the audit / expansion phase and updated the interface, interface that will also take into account the requirements for building the infrastructures.

To put comptability with the calculations for energy output, I also integrated technosciences and development levels into the data structure of the space units. Their design integrate more than one technoscience due to the modularity of it, in the contrary of the monolithic single technoscience requirement for products and infrastructures.
Of course, no space unit design exists in the game yet (I use hardcoded data for now) since it is a 0.7.0 future feature, after the completion of the ten iterations if the current 0.6.x version, but spacecrafts are in game already and the built side of data structure must support the technosciences. So it is now, a thing to not do anymore for the 0.7.0 :).

So what's next? The last phase of the audit of the production system; the resource spots.  After that I finally work the interface, better late than never isn't it?

Stay tuned

Alpha 10 -iteration #05: First Day Off (full time dev day) Report

I finally passed between 6 and 7 hours of dev today.

The production mode Resources Mining is entirely done; all its calculations have been re-enabled and expanded to the new input/ouput structure.
Most of it was disabled since a while because I never updated it on time with the new structure of the resource spots.
I also fixed some calculation bugs here and here.

The production mode Water Recovery is renamed Rain Recovery, because it is able to support not only planets with liquid water hydrospheres, but will be usable with liquid water/ammonia and liquid methane ones.
The code audit and expansion of this part isn't done yet, but will be tomorrow and the only infrastructure, already in the game, that support this production mode has been modified to take into account the changes.
So yes it will be possible to collect ammonia and methane droplets too. The switch to the related and specific calculations is entirely automatic depending where an infrastructure that use this production mode is built.

The type of storage for the Methane product is now liquid, and its density by unit has been adjusted in regard of that.

The requirements on how to display available infrastructures, in the Colony Panel, has been expanded related to the changes with the hydrosphere requirements. I also applied some bug fixes that I found.

So, tomorrow I will complete the Rain Recovery and after this step, what's left is to audit the unit about the energy modes (specific production modes to generate energy) and the resource spots.

I think I will complete the entire audit / expansion phase before Saturday. There are many steps left before I can declare this iteration #05 done, but these days off of full time dev will help greatly.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 -iteration #05: (side update) Completion of the SPM Data Overhaul

I just finished, during my lunch break, the audit of the entire influence matrix of the SPM.
It is something I should have done with the previous iteration, but better being late than never...

So the influence data, for each SPM meme and policy, is now final in alpha/beta/final terms and audited.

Also, I stated in the October 7/2015 post, in its third point, that I was also working to finally complete the overhaul of the basic modifiers of the Socio-Political Matrix memes and policies.
Well, I forgot to specify it since but it is 100% done too.

So now, the thing that is left to do for this part of the iteration #05 is to add the three new memes and the one new policy.

I will push this lunch work on GitHub tonight (EST), beside the updates I will do tonight with the overhaul of the Production Phase.

Bit by bit something is set in place, I just hope that FARC will support the three next generations of MS Windows :))

Stay tuned.

Plan for This Week and the Next One

I'll continue tomorrow to working on FARC, some hours each days + minimum 7 hours Saturday and Sunday. Next week I will have 4 days off (from Tuesday to Friday), I plan to put at least 8 hours each day onto the development. I will time them to be sure that I put the correct amount of work.

I plan to release the iteration #5 at max on December 31 /2015 (yes, computing is my life).

Since it's about 1.5 months, I will also include the full completion plus the audit of the resource survey, which is part of the planetary exploration system. It needs to be bugfixed, its interface optimized, and the automation done.

Also and finally, I haven't said it yet but at my job during my breaks I working to add some additional messages for the player.
One is already completed and is about the eventual ongoing resource surveys and it will be generated each time that a group of exploration vehicles arrives on site.
I also expanding a bit the data structure of the messages by adding stop flow flag, which indicate the level of importance of a message.
 It is a pretty simple concept; a message can be either Routine or Critical.
By default Routine message will not stop the flow of the time, in real-time mode, or the processing of a turn, in turn-based mode. Critical ones will do it.
This work isn't uploaded on GitHub yet, I will upload it in one time when I will complete this small part.

The control on how messages stop the flow will be configurable in the option panel (yes I also finally plan to implement an option panel in this game, before the release date).

NB: I just forgot to say that I also update and complete missing French texts  in the encyclopedia (not on GitHub too yet).

That's all, stay tuned.

Alpha 10 -iteration #05: Production Phase Overhaul - Completion at 50%

I completed the entire overhaul about the initialization of production matrix items, in a colony, and its linked infrastructures and production modes.

Of course the work not only occurred in this part of the code but forced the update of many others.

Now I am beginning the overhaul of the process of the production phase.
Once done, the entire unit about this segment will be done.

The audit itself isn't done yet, but I really hope to complete and release this iteration before January.
Outside of my slowness, this part was longer because of the overhaul of the production matrix, overhaul required to allow the production system to support multiple inputs and output for one mode of production.
The system didn't support it before and it was important to implement this change because many of the production modes not implemented yet, uses many inputs and/or outputs.

As a simple example, the production mode Concrete Production has in inputs:
  • Carbonaceous Ore
  • Metallic Ore
  • Rock
  • Water  
And in output it has the Concrete product.

Multiple outputs could include wastes for example too, or some other by-products.
That's all for now, stay tuned.