Alpha 10 -iteration #05: First Day Off (full time dev day) Report

I finally passed between 6 and 7 hours of dev today.

The production mode Resources Mining is entirely done; all its calculations have been re-enabled and expanded to the new input/ouput structure.
Most of it was disabled since a while because I never updated it on time with the new structure of the resource spots.
I also fixed some calculation bugs here and here.

The production mode Water Recovery is renamed Rain Recovery, because it is able to support not only planets with liquid water hydrospheres, but will be usable with liquid water/ammonia and liquid methane ones.
The code audit and expansion of this part isn't done yet, but will be tomorrow and the only infrastructure, already in the game, that support this production mode has been modified to take into account the changes.
So yes it will be possible to collect ammonia and methane droplets too. The switch to the related and specific calculations is entirely automatic depending where an infrastructure that use this production mode is built.

The type of storage for the Methane product is now liquid, and its density by unit has been adjusted in regard of that.

The requirements on how to display available infrastructures, in the Colony Panel, has been expanded related to the changes with the hydrosphere requirements. I also applied some bug fixes that I found.

So, tomorrow I will complete the Rain Recovery and after this step, what's left is to audit the unit about the energy modes (specific production modes to generate energy) and the resource spots.

I think I will complete the entire audit / expansion phase before Saturday. There are many steps left before I can declare this iteration #05 done, but these days off of full time dev will help greatly.

Stay tuned.

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