Alpha 10 -iteration #05: Full Week Report (in addition of the Nov. 17 post)

The calculations are completed for the two Energy Generation Modes; Nuclear Fission and Photon Energy. They were previously partially implemented in game, especially for Nuclear Fission.
Additionally they fully support technological improvement by taking into account the mastering and the development level from their related and required technosciences.

Beside that, the products and infrastructures now, also fully support their required tech too, included those for their custom effects, if there is any.
It is not yet supported by the production system itself, but it will be after I completed the audit / expansion phase and updated the interface, interface that will also take into account the requirements for building the infrastructures.

To put comptability with the calculations for energy output, I also integrated technosciences and development levels into the data structure of the space units. Their design integrate more than one technoscience due to the modularity of it, in the contrary of the monolithic single technoscience requirement for products and infrastructures.
Of course, no space unit design exists in the game yet (I use hardcoded data for now) since it is a 0.7.0 future feature, after the completion of the ten iterations if the current 0.6.x version, but spacecrafts are in game already and the built side of data structure must support the technosciences. So it is now, a thing to not do anymore for the 0.7.0 :).

So what's next? The last phase of the audit of the production system; the resource spots.  After that I finally work the interface, better late than never isn't it?

Stay tuned

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