Alpha 10 -iteration #05: Production Phase Overhaul - Completion at 50%

I completed the entire overhaul about the initialization of production matrix items, in a colony, and its linked infrastructures and production modes.

Of course the work not only occurred in this part of the code but forced the update of many others.

Now I am beginning the overhaul of the process of the production phase.
Once done, the entire unit about this segment will be done.

The audit itself isn't done yet, but I really hope to complete and release this iteration before January.
Outside of my slowness, this part was longer because of the overhaul of the production matrix, overhaul required to allow the production system to support multiple inputs and output for one mode of production.
The system didn't support it before and it was important to implement this change because many of the production modes not implemented yet, uses many inputs and/or outputs.

As a simple example, the production mode Concrete Production has in inputs:
  • Carbonaceous Ore
  • Metallic Ore
  • Rock
  • Water  
And in output it has the Concrete product.

Multiple outputs could include wastes for example too, or some other by-products.
That's all for now, stay tuned.

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