Alpha 10 -iteration #05: (side update) Completion of the SPM Data Overhaul

I just finished, during my lunch break, the audit of the entire influence matrix of the SPM.
It is something I should have done with the previous iteration, but better being late than never...

So the influence data, for each SPM meme and policy, is now final in alpha/beta/final terms and audited.

Also, I stated in the October 7/2015 post, in its third point, that I was also working to finally complete the overhaul of the basic modifiers of the Socio-Political Matrix memes and policies.
Well, I forgot to specify it since but it is 100% done too.

So now, the thing that is left to do for this part of the iteration #05 is to add the three new memes and the one new policy.

I will push this lunch work on GitHub tonight (EST), beside the updates I will do tonight with the overhaul of the Production Phase.

Bit by bit something is set in place, I just hope that FARC will support the three next generations of MS Windows :))

Stay tuned.

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