Plan for This Week and the Next One

I'll continue tomorrow to working on FARC, some hours each days + minimum 7 hours Saturday and Sunday. Next week I will have 4 days off (from Tuesday to Friday), I plan to put at least 8 hours each day onto the development. I will time them to be sure that I put the correct amount of work.

I plan to release the iteration #5 at max on December 31 /2015 (yes, computing is my life).

Since it's about 1.5 months, I will also include the full completion plus the audit of the resource survey, which is part of the planetary exploration system. It needs to be bugfixed, its interface optimized, and the automation done.

Also and finally, I haven't said it yet but at my job during my breaks I working to add some additional messages for the player.
One is already completed and is about the eventual ongoing resource surveys and it will be generated each time that a group of exploration vehicles arrives on site.
I also expanding a bit the data structure of the messages by adding stop flow flag, which indicate the level of importance of a message.
 It is a pretty simple concept; a message can be either Routine or Critical.
By default Routine message will not stop the flow of the time, in real-time mode, or the processing of a turn, in turn-based mode. Critical ones will do it.
This work isn't uploaded on GitHub yet, I will upload it in one time when I will complete this small part.

The control on how messages stop the flow will be configurable in the option panel (yes I also finally plan to implement an option panel in this game, before the release date).

NB: I just forgot to say that I also update and complete missing French texts  in the encyclopedia (not on GitHub too yet).

That's all, stay tuned.

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