Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Release Date / Time Confirmed

I confirm that this iteration of FARC will be released tomorrow at 1200-1900hrs EST time.

I took some time to complete the Building mode, bugfixing Assembling and Building, and linking what needed to be linked, but this part is also done.

So now time for mission bugfix and implementation of music code.


Alpha 10 - iteration #07: All Implementations Done - Bugfixes Phase

I finally finished to implement what I had to put in this iteration during my lunch break at work.
I just need to finalize tonight the additional interface for the Building mode and complete the linking to the building process.

After that I will work to debug the interface of the colonization mission, and I will transfer the code of the crude music system I developed in a fork of the source code.

And that will be totally all for it.

On time, this time :)

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Update and Pre-Release Post

Just a small post to inform you that the project stay alive, even in this end of year period he he.

I working to complete the iteration 7 and release it on December 31 or January 1st, and in regard of the status of development of it, I can safely say these dates without failing again to deliver on time.

So the release will serve also as a kinda geeky best wishes too for 2017 :)

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07:Requirements Nearly Done + Assembling and Building WIP

The display of requirements, if an infrastructure cannot be built or assembled, is finally nearly completed.

The assembling interface is done, only the feedback for assembling duration isn't made yet but this part is a core code shared between the two modes of construction.

The display of requirements for the Building mode is done too, since it is also a shared core code.

I trying much as I can to finalize the whole before January 1st; I need to implement the feedback of the informations to the player and finalize the code linking to the assembling and building processes.

The entire work for this iteration will be done, outside of the debugging of the colonization mission and some small and secondary pre-release additions.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Some Delay + Requirements

I got some delay for the assembling interface because I working on the display of the requirements.
In clear if the player select an infrastructure, in the available list, and this one cannot be assembled or build due to its requirements, a text will be displayed explaining which requirements aren't fulfilled.

Nothing thrilling but since FARC isn't simple, even at this stage, the more information I can provide to the player, the better it will be.

It's a bit like what I did for the enforcement of policies, and their requirements.

This code for this is unified and will work for the two modes (assembling / building).

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Assembling Interface Completed

Sorry for the lack of news, I developped nothing since November 29th (one week wasted).

The interface for the setup of an assembling is completed in its main process.
It is working but need some additional work to display information about it, for the player, and to refine the behavior of the interface.

The interface to setup a building of an infrastructure has advanced a bit too, since some parts are re-used for this mode.

I will fully complete the assembling interface tomorrow and will work for the building of infrastructures next, as the final step.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Conversion-Assembling-Building Interface

I haven't coded anything from Friday to Sunday, but I started to resume the dev during my lunch break.

I working on the Assembling interface, which looks a bit like the one to configure an infrastructure with some additions like; an input field to enter the number of iterations to assemble (= number of kits of infrastructure to use), an information field to give data about the assembling time, and a specific button to order to assemble the kits.

I working a bit in the same time on the elements for building an infrastructure, since the interface between these two modes is unified with some differences for each of them.

Of course my poor English isn't very descriptive for now but as I said in a previous post, I will post a serie of screenshots.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Bugfixes done, Transition Rules modified

As usual there have been delays, because the changes and fixes were heavier than planned...

The bug fixes for the converted infrastructures expanded to the entire Transition ruleset, and required a complete change on how the custom effects for the converted infrastructures are managed.
The implementation of this ruleset was pretty...old and the logic a bit messy, so I re-coded some of its parts.
I also re-wrote completely the design of it in the main document.

For reminder; The transition rules are applied as a buffer delay between an assembling and building (conversions aren't subject to it) and the operational state for any infrastructure having required staff.
This delay symbolize the setup time to put the staff members in place and initialize any equipment, which is pretty important e.g. for a factory.

I also updated the rules design-wise by introducing a variable transition time.
Before it was abritrarly set to 2 hours (don't ask me why such value) regardless of the size and required staff.
Now it is equal to:   ✓(total required staff) / 2 with an automatic round,  in hours

Gameplay wise it is a small detail, but since I don't seek dumbed down abstraction and I look for coherence, it is implemented in it.

So it is done, and the infrastructures can be enabled and disabled without any problem...

...until next time :)

Finally I can work on the last part of this iteration, once I updated the routines for saving/loading game files with the new changes.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Break & Lunch Bug Fixing Day

As said yesterday, I can confirm today that the basic user's interface to configure an infrastructure is really done.

But the fact that it is now possible to enable and disable an infrastructure raised a bug (great joy at 1AM) that I will fix today during my job's & lunch breaks; this bug concern the converted infrastructures (CI).

As a reminder, CIs are building of sort that came from landed space units that have been prepaired and connected to an exisiting colony, by their resepective crews.

There is an universal infrastructure template for the converted ones, which is very basic with far less data than any other infrastructures, because most of the data a CI has in game is derivated from the design of its parent's space unit.

So the bug comes when I try to re-enable such type of infrastructure (a Colonization Shelter), no data is re-injected back into the colony. For example, the colonization pods harcoded actually in the game provides generation of energy and housing for the colonists. When one is disabled, these data are tacken back, as normally it should be, but when it is re-enabled, the data for colony's population capacity, and generation of energy aren't updated.

It comes that I haven't simply taken into account the converted infrastructures in the transition rules; rules that manage the transitory state of an infrastructure, from one status to another one.

So I go to fix this today.

Tonight, as planned, I will work onto the interface to setup the assembling or building of an infrastructure.

I will post a serie of screenshots to explain all the changes once it is done.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Completion of Infrastructure Configuration + Last Development Step

This night, the configuration of a selected infrastructure will be completed, I working on it since yesterday night.

After that I will finally work on the interface to assemble and build an infrastructure, and this iteration will be done in regard of its features. Yes done.

Of course I will have two secondary steps to fulfill before that; to fix the bugs of the interface of the colonization mission, and add the crude music system that I already developped in a fork of the source.
I know I repeat a bit what I already said in some previous posts but it is better to continuiing to inform  of each future step.

I don't give a release date yet until the assembling and building interface is implemented, I just hope before the end of November, but I prefer to keep my mouth shut, no more badly managed deadlines :)
That's all, back to work.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Completion of Media assets Search/Sorting - Resuming of Development

Well as usual I got lost in my wandering through media files, and seven days have passed... oh well.

I completed my spreadsheet that contains the details of all free 3D assets I can use for FARC, for rendering and/or inclusion in-game (especially for spacecrafts).

Even if I haven't dev since these 7 days, I completed the design for configuration, assembling and building of infrastructures, and I will begin in PM right after my day job (I'm working at home today).

Next year, I will consecrate some money for FARC; by buying a third party tool wich will allow me to dev a cloud-based updater/installer, without the assle to do much network dev and above all, wasting additional time.

I will probably buy some 3D assets too, yep buy... Especially for space units (spacecrafts and stations/bases) because I will need many of them.
But for spacecrafts, since they are present in game under their respective 3D files, that can cause license problems for distributions, a source like Turbosquid have certain limitations. And damn I love license (yeah really...not :) )
Of course those already in game are very low poly and non textured ones, and are used only for a symbolic point of view. In the future, I will include full resolution renders of them when I will build a proper interface for the space units. FARC is after all a 90% 2D game.

But I will see...I will use first the free assets.
At least I can guarantee that for 2017 that I will buy the third party dev tool for cloud-based development. It is something I have in mind for a good time now and anyway the cost of it would be the cost of a hobby :)

I'm bored myself by the installer and 7zip packages, I cannot imagine how it is for those of you that download them each time.

So that's all for now.

Lunch Break Game Design: Faction Configuration Tool & Autonomous Management Guidelines

During my breaks @ work I worked on the design of two things;

  • fleshed a bit the design of the factions by trying to solve two problems; how to setup non-player faction's colonies by design and keeping them 100% compliant with the game systems, and how to do the same for non-player space units.
  • started the design of a new module of the CSM (Colony Management System) called the Autonomous Management Guidelines.
Since I want the (future) AIs of the game to follow at 100% the game systems (ie no cheating as we can see on many strategy games and no abstraction into the management of the AIs' factions) I need a system to setup the colonies and space units of each non-player faction (NPF) to avoid any manual errors in calculations and any speculation on how to make  them.
So I started to design a Faction Configuration Tool, which will be a tool like the FARC Universe Generator not normally accessible to the player.
This tool, like the FUG,  will allow me to setup a faction through some inputs of my part and many calculations from the part of the tool to, in the end, generate 100% compliant data and output them under the form XML code to be populated into the faction database file.
So finally, the factions will be physically (so to speak) present in game.
Of course this presence will stay relatively static until I develop the AI to animate it, but the factions will be flesh and bones.
The game systems like the production, will affect these colonies already anyway. Some other parts of the game that also doesn't requires any input from the player and the AIs will do their things too.
Post 0.6 I wanted to work on the design of the space units, but I will work on this and the factions instead.

In a game like Civilization, the player can automate their cities, ie focus on production or food etc...
The new CSM module I worked for will do the same sort of thing; it will use Automated Management Guidelines with a range of priorities (it will not be a on/off setup) to automate part of the manageent of a colony.
Ex of guidelines are: solving of CSM events/problems, Reserves, Population Growth and Emigration.
The range of priorities are: Nil, Limited, Minor, Mild, Average, Strong, Important, Unlimited.

I don't know when it will be implementd, I need first to design the rules of each guidelines.

That it for this lunch break.

I confirm that tonight I will put aside the management of the archived assets and I will push the development of the configuration of a selected infrastructure.

 Stay tuned.

PS: I know that I use too much of acronyms, but... :) 

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: In Search of Media Assets

Since November 3 (including tonight) I sorted and evaluated a part of the free assets I retrieved over the years (a bit of pictures and a massive amount of 3d objects) and I found some elements to illustrate the Multipurpose Depot, the Pressurized Tanks array and maybe the Nuclear Fission Reactor and the Houses Pack.
I found not much for the Mining Site.

I will continue tomorrow night to finish the sorting but of course I will not consume anymore more time afterward and the dev will resume also tomorrow night.
Since I instated the sub-releases (cf. this post), I will make the pictures on the next session after the release of this iteration. For now there will be a default placeholder.

Thanks to SolCommand for his incredible 3D assets.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Game Design Expansion: Region Environmental Modifiers

At my job, during my breaks, I'm working on some expansion of the Region Environmental Modifiers (REM).
For reminder; each region of each orbital object has a set of data called the REM.

This set is divided in 7 categories;
  • Planetary Survey; Ground, Air, Antigrav and Swarm Antigrav
  • Conversion / Assembling / Building(CAB)
  • Infrastructure Wearing Coefficient
  • Ground Combat
Each of these REM affect their respective part of the game depending of a category, for ex; the CAB category affect the assembling and building time of infrastructures.

100% of these REM are precalculated when a planetary system is generated in the Universe Generator integrated in FARC and comes from different part of an orbital object as for ex; the atmosphere composition, the climate of the region, its relief, its type of terrain, the gravity of the object and so on.

The change is about the addition of an additional type of environmental modifier that will affect the categories, and especially the CAB one; the Type & Size of Settlements.

Before that, during the calculation of assembling and building times, the type of settlement wasn't taken into account at all. So in clear the construction times between a surface or an underground settlement, for a specific infrastructure, were the same.
By this way it will not be the case anymore.
The size of settlement is taken into account for the purpose of biggest and more crowded settlements will involve more delays and difficulties for the process of construction, that for a small and sparse settlement.

This new type of environmental modifier will not affect the data already generated for the only (for now) planetary system of the game, it will be calculated when required during a play.

That's it for now, work work and work :)

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: 2D/3D Research & Work for Infrastructures + Some Game Design Expansion

Actually I don't commit much dev (even if I made one commit on GitHub tonight), because I'm looking for pictures and 3d objects that I can work on to illustrate the infrastructures currently in the game.
I fired up my 3d software, after many years, for this.

As usual it will not be AAA work, but I look for something at least basic to modify or render...

It is uncertain that all the required assets will be found and worked on at the time of release but at least I try... without taking too much time.
Those not found and implemented at the release will have a "pretty" placeholder :)

These pictures will be displayed in the user's interface for the configuration and CAB setup, of a selected infrastructure.
When I'll finish this phase, I will continue to dev on the interface.

Things take shape slowly but it progress, and don't worry; even if FARC isn't mainstream and doesn't seem easy, I try at least to make the interface relatively usable even if it isn't at the level of a professional Endless Space UI style.

In the game design department, I expanded a bit one CSM event; the Colony Established one, triggered when a new colony is set on a new world. Now the climate of the region, where the first settlement is set, is taking into account and can affect more or less negatively the modifiers of this event.
The changes aren't implemented yet, but they will be in the future.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Environment Icons + List of Available Available Infrastructures Completed

FARC has now the four environment icons completed and the changes in the list of available infrastructures is done.
The Orbital Object panel display an icon to illustrate the current ecosphere's environment now, instead of a bland text. The meaning of each icon is included into its linked hint.

Tonight I will finally begin the interface that will be used to configure the selected infrastructure, for the ones that are already converted, assembled and built.
It will be nothing fancy; it will contain a copy of the text of the main description and use of the infrastructure, its detailed status and a button to enable/disable it.

At my work today, during my break, I will inject into the design documents many notes and informations, spread on many lose sheets, I have wrote.
After all these years it is a bit of a mess, and represent a good height of paper, so it is time to use them before they rot...

Stay tuned.

A Notice about Future Sub-Releases Between Main Releases

Just a short notice to inform you that now, after each "official" releases, there will be two patch releases.
These sub-releases will contain stuff that will be or not related to what have been made in the last main release.

The first one, in the chronological order, will be about the addition of some assets (infrastructures and/or products and/or icons and/or pictures and/or sounds and/or music). There will never be any indication on the number of assets produced before the release of the patch; it will be one, or ten or whatever number I will be able to produce in the given time frame.
This sub-release will also include last time bugfixes.

The second one will be about the expansion and correction of the  encyclopedia, also including the expansion and correction of the main text file, with even some basic Spanish entries.
Don't expect full translation in three languages, I don't know much Spanish and have enough work with English and French. As you could see, English isn't even my mothertongue :))

None of these sub-releases will take more than two weeks. Since they are just about assets and texts, it is easy for me to guarantee that duration, even if the amount released is minimal. And they will be only available under archived 7zip form that you will have to uncompress into the main FARC folder if you chose the option to download and install them.
Of course the option to wait for the next release that will include all of this is possible too. Freedom of choices is the best of Freedom :)

Out of that, during my break @ work I updated some blank entries of the encyclopedia, it's certainly not gameplay but an important part notwhithstanding.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Addition of Graphics and Infrastructure CAB & Configuration

I took some times to research for icons (thanks OpenGameArt and the multiple contributors again) and did some Photoshop work too.

Here is a crop of screenshot of the result, nothing AAA as usual but better than ton of dry texts:

For the Nuclear Fission Reactor, the icon of a box with a number inside of it indicate that is an infrastructure kit that can be assembled to a level 1 infrastructure (the reactor itself). The number on the right indicate the number of them present into the colony's storage.

For the Mining Site, this infrastructure is a one that must be built by using construction workforce and local resources. It is easy to see that it is not an assembled infrastructure since it doesn't have the box icon nor any indication of stored units.
The warning icon indicate that the infrastructure's requirements aren't met to be built and so its text color is red, according to the filter actually applied in this example. This warning can also be applied to infrastructure kits that aren't compatible too.

The rounded icon indicate for which environment the Mining site can be used, in this case the green one indicate Free Environment only. FYI it doesn't reflect of the reality of the Mining Site's data yet since the test and display aren't finalized in the code (it will be tomorrow night).
So there are three environement icons, two are already made and one is in the making.

I also continue to working on the interface for the configuration of a selected infrastructure owned by the player, and also on the setup of the assembling and building of an available infrastructure.

Stay tuned :)

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Configuration and Setup of Assembling/Building of Infrastructures

I currently, and finally, working on the interface to setup the assembling and building of infrastructures, and also to configure those already assembled or built.

The interface will be integrated above the Construction Workforce interface, meaning that no other sub-panel will pop-up, anything is integrated into the Settlements Panel.

I also continue to improve the interface of the two lists of infrastructures, especially since I finally found a way to retrieve the data of a selected item in a tree, thing I didn't know how to do before.
Better later than never...

There are no screenshots yet, since it is in construction, but I will post some when this part is completed and will explain the changes.

No time to be bored :)

Thanks for your interest and stay tuned!

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Interface for Construction Workforce Setup

I'm working on the interface of the setup of the Construction Workforce (CW), required to a colony to be able to assemble and build infrastructures.

I started to dev and designed something about a button and another sub-panel to setup the data, but as usual I tried to overthink it.
So instead, the interface of the CW will be included into the Settlements panel itself, beside the lists of present and available infrastructures. All in the same page.
For the rest of the interface elements of the CW setup, it will be the same thing than what it was previously, I don't try to reinvent the wheel again since I need to push this iteration to full completion.

This Friday will be another day off, I will try to work many hours on FARC and will try to finally make a release this weekend.
But at the contrary of what I usually do, I will not promise anything until it is done :)

Sorry for these multiple delays (I know it's only a hobby open source project but that don't prevent trying to fulfill the word given).

And... stay tuned. Thanks.

Edit: I will complete the CW interface tomorrow night, since it is the same thing but in a different location. I will pass some time to optimize and cleanup this interface and it will be done.
The last step for this iteration is finally to make a full interface to setup the assembling and building of the infrastructures. beside additional hints and informations.
If I could complete THAT last step on Friday night that would be pretty cool, but anyway, wait & see.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Full Time Dev Day Notice (2 days)

Tomorrow (Friday) and Monday I have two holydays, so another full time dev days :)

That's all for now.

Oopsy Post: the Blog's Gallery is Back Again

I don't know how I did it, but the Gallery page was removed from the navigation menu, it is back now.

Infrastructures Filtering Done

The combo box to filter the items of the list of available infrastructures is now fully working.

I will post the details (and screenshots) of it when the update of the Settlements Panel will be completed.

To reach this stage I must now re-implement the basic display of the Workforce Construction Points, some help for the meaning and a panel to allow the setup of these points.

But not tonight, I must work tomorrow :)

Additional post: Screenshots of some Hints

Since I'm working on the filter system for the list of available infrastructures, I made some "screenshots" of the hints. Nothing stellar but always cool to see. I taken these screens with my phone, so I'm sorry for the quality, I cannot capture the hints with my screenshots app.

Of course these hints can and will be for most of them, expanded with detailed data and informations. Like to put the details of the modifiers that affect a basic data of a colony, like for the Tension in the screenshot.

And cherry on the top of the cake, the hints support some HTML formatting (colors, href, bold, italic, BR, lists and so on) and even the inclusion of pictures.

An explicative text for the filter of the list of available infrastructures:

A short text (for now) for the Tension data:

A short text (for now) for the icons of the resources spots:

The setup of the combobox is now done, I'm working on the filtering of the list itself now.

Stay tuned :]

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Full Time Dev Day Notice

Today I'm off in holyday, so I'm working full time on FARC for 9 to 10 hours, the indie dev feelz.

OK, let's work :)

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Completion of Settlements, Push of the UI Work

The basic management of the settlements is done.

Each time that a conversion/assembling/building (CAB) is completed and the concerned infrastructure is operational, the data of accumulated infrastructure levels (AIL) of the settlement is updated.
According to  the specific rules for each type of settlement, the AIL will influence their evolution in  size.

The next step in the user's interface is to implement an element to filter the available list of infrastructures, which could be seen as irrelevant for now due to the few available infrastructures but will be when the number of building implemented will grow over the time of the development (imagine 40 to 100 of them).

After that I will build a better interface, than what I did before this iteration, for the setting of the Construction Workforce Points required for the CAB system.

Once these done, the Settlement Panel itself will be done and I will post some screenshots.

After that, and at last, I will work on the interface to setup the CAB of the infrastructures themeselves, including the detailed informations about the requirements, the used resources, the development levels (related to the technosciences) and the eventual Infrastructure Kits.

Another screenshots post will be published afterward.

That is for the near term plan, since yesterday I will now pushing Git commits nearly everyday, so be prepared with more activity.

Winter is comming... OK bad and overused joke :)

Stay tuned.

Edit 13:00: I also now, during my lunch pause, changed a data for all the infrastructures already in game, isSurfOnly.
This deprecated data indicated if an infrastructure was only possible to be CABed on the surface of an orbital object. Now it is replaced by a range of settlement types.  It will be pushed into git this afternoon after my job.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: End of Summer + Final Release Period Update

The final release period will be between September 17 to September 25th, the Summer lazyness is finished.

I finalized in the design of the different settlements, with their respective sizes, infrastructure's levels cap, and their meaning.
Only the Space-Based Settlement type isn't done until space stations and other Dyson spheres aren't in game for now.

Actually I implementing the work on these settlements and will continue to update the interface afterward.

Edit 23:51 ET:  the rules of accumulated infrastructures level into a settlement are done and implemented.
I will continue the update of the settlement's interface tomorrow.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: 'Unofficial' Release Post and Delays / Iteration #07 Continuation Notice

As usual, I'm late and haven't finished the essential parts of the iteration #07.
Who said "awwww surprising"... It's the summer you know...

OK, kidding apart I decided to make an unnoficial release of the iteration #07 to at least provide an update.
Outside of all the required changes for the Settlement Panel, and the little gift for the music, the rest is implemented.

The setup of the Colonization Mission is a bit bugged in the display of the surface's regions, but the whole thing is working.It will be fixed for the final release.

The management of the music is located into a fork of the whole project's code that I haven't merged yet, I will do it for the the final release of this iteration.

So from tomorrow I will continue to work onto this iteration #07 with a new version, the 0.6.13.

There is only one type of unofficial package for now, the 7zip manual archive.

So here it is: alpha10-

I'm sorry for this delay again.
For those who will not download this package, I will post screenshots of the progress of the Settlements Panel in the near future.

Once it is done, I will merge the music's code and will make a proper release.

Stay tuned.

PS: I included a fast & dirty todolist file of all the features already implemented / modified / fixed with the addition with those currently in implementation (noted (o) ) here: Google Drive shared link

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Full Dev Day

I taken a holiday today that I dedicate for the most of it to the dev of this iteration 7, I started since 30 min ago and will continue for the next 8 to 9 hours.

My objective today; completing the phase 2 with the CSM Events Panel (I made a copy/paste error with the last GiT commit, it's not done yet), and updating the most I can the infrastructure panel, which is after all the main goal of this iteration...

If I have some time left after that, I will work on other changes.

That's all for now.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Release Confirmation Date

Sorry for the lack of posts and commits.

I confirm that FARC Alpha 10/it#07 will be released on Sunday August 7 during the night EST time.

It will be a busy week.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Alive Status Report and a Small Surprise

Sorry for the lack of news since May 20, but you know Sun, Sex and Things... OK, there are bad jokes and excuses.

I continuing to transfer the elements of interface in their proper panels
I'm working on the Population Panel for now; the basic setup of the Settlements Panel is done.

I also made many update in the design document for the settlements but also policies enforcement, which will varies in gameplay according to the type of political system. This last one will not be implemented for this iteration but is in the work.

Also... to make amends for the lack of posts, this iteration will have a small surprise... on an audio level.
Yes, FARC will not be deaf anymore; I implement a very crude audio system in an experimental fork of the code by using the BASS library and the wrappers for Delphi made by the BASS community.

And tonight FARC started to spit some space music.

So at the time of release there will be some music and perhaps a bit of sound effects for some elements of the interface.

Who said "it's not too soon"? :)

I know it's not much and there are many things more urgent, but the implementation is relatively fast for a crude system.

Stay tuned

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Side Design - Settlements

At my work, during my breaks, I switched into the work of the settlements.
The design documentation exists but has never been completed and cleaned up, and since they affect what I do for this phase 2, I'm working on it.

As a reminder; settlements are locations that regroup infrastructures, so they can illustrate a city a base or anything like it. They are represented by an icon on the surface map of the Orbital Object Panel and it can be only one settlement by region and by faction.

There are 5 types of settlements in the game + a special one that I will not cover here since it is linked with the space units and is post alpha 10; surface settlement, space-based surface settlement, subterranean settlement, lava tube settlement and asteroid settlement.
Each of them has different levels of development, specific requirements and particularities.
Each type of settlement indicate in some sort the shape of it in the orbital object's landscape. Certain types are specific for certain environment and one is specifically targeted for the asteroids.

So during the setup of a Colonization Mission, it will be possible, after this iteration, to choose which type of settlement will be used.

So that's it, work work and work :)

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: [warning: screenshots post ] - Orbital Object Panel (WIP) Phase 1 DONE

So finally the Phase 1 is done.

So, behold the new Orbital Object Panel!

This first screenshot is what the player will see by default.
On the left, the ecosphere data is what is displayed by default, the button "Colony" allow to switch to the colony data, if a colony is indeed set on the orbital object (OO), like below;

The 5 other buttons on the top will popup the panels of the different sections; Population for the... population one, including the detail on the categories and so on, Settlements for the settlements and infrastructures installed on the OO, Industry is the one that will display the storage and the production matrix of the colony, Events contains the Colony Simulation Model (CSM) events and all their details (the rounded number on the button indicate the number of active CSM events the colony have, I will include a fast list of them in the button's hint) and finally Biosphere will display the details of the OO's biosphere, according to the discovery the future Biological Survey will do. This last one will stay disabled until the planets' biospheres are finally implemented post Alpha 10.

On the center is the well known display of the OO's surface, nothing is really new here.

On the right is grouped the data about the hovered / selected region. The new part is that now the data about the other seasons is also displayed on the bottom of the group. With this, the player will have an idea how livable... or hellish... a region is throughout an orbital year.

And finally, below the OO's surface is were the changes are thje most visible; information about the geological survey is displayed and the discovery status of each type of resource spot is now displayed.
Linked hints to these icons will display more detailed data.

The two spaces below the ecosphere/colony and region groups aren's errors; I will implement here, post Alpha 10, some additional interface elements about the colony and region control.

Of course it is now possible to resize the panel, and anything follows:

It will be possible for the player to save the position of this panel and also to keep the opened state save for any subpanel, like Settlements.

The behavior of the whole is also 100% OK, outside for the colonization mission user's interface that I will fix and update for this phase 2.

Phase 2 that will include the complete rework of the interface for the infrastructures.

That's all. So let's dev this phase 2 now.

NB: Oh yeah! This new panel is fully compatible with a 1024*768 screen now, it wasn't the case with its previous shape.

NB bis: I forgot to show the panel for a gaseous planet;

Obviously only the information about the ecosphere is relevant here.
It isn't the prettiest way to show the difference but it is the easier one... mea culpa :)

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Orbital Object Panel (WIP) Phase 1 Nearly Completed

I nearly completed the phase 1 of the overhaul of the Orbital Object Panel (formely the Colony and Surface Panels).

I'm working on the display of the resources spots, and will include tomorrow new additional 2d assets to represent metal, rare metal and uranium ores.

There will be also data displayed about them.

Once all done, the phase 1 will be completed and the next blog post will contain a serie of screenshots of the work.

The phase 2 will be about re-implementing the modules of this panel; Population, Settlements (including infrastructures), Industry (formerly Colony Storage and Production Matrix) and Events.
Most of the work will be to display them in their own panels, none will be overhauled out of the Settlements one after this phase 2.

You will see on the screenshots that I will post that the new panel is relatively different from what you knew before the overhaul.

Stay tuned.

Note About Side Design for Future Iteration

At my job and during my breaks, I'm working on the design of the custom effects for the policies and memes.
For now these SPM items only provides modifiers for the basic data of the colonies, but of course it is just the edge of the iceberg.
The real interest in them is in the custom effects they provides; with simple ones like special modifiers for research & development, limitations of any sort and so on but also with not so simple ones like affecting any part of the game and gameplay changes to enforce a policy, according to which political system is enforced.

And for now my focus is made toward this last point; the political and economical systems.
The first one will modify the gameplay on how a player but also the future AI will be able to enforce a policy and will also adjust any modifier and collateral effect on the success and failure of an enforcement.
The second one will define how the economy of each colony is treated and what possible actions will be available for the player and the AIs. For ex. a Free Market economy will create a private sector, a bit like in Distant Worlds.

These two things are themselves the biggest parts of the custom effects, so it's why I work on them first.

This way I will be more or less ready when I will arrive to a future iteration to expand the SPM.
It will not be for the next one, the #08 since it is already reserved for completion and expansion of the Colonization Phase System.

About the current iteration, I'm working to complete the phase 1 of the overhaul; since yesterday I'm working on the part that will display the information on the geological surveys and the resources.
There will be another modifications since I will also include some info about the weather of each season for each region. These data are already generated (and the code to generate them is already implemented since a while) since the completion of the Universe Generator but needs to be displayed for the player now.

When this phase one will be done, I will make a special screenshots post and I will work on the subparts of the overhaul; the population, the industry (the previous colony storage and production matrix) and the events.

I will finish this overhaul by working on the interface about the infrastructures, since it's the main topic of this iteration, and will provide some graphic stuff and things to keep informed the player on how to assemble or build infrastructures and what it requires.

That's all for now. It looks like as a redo the wheel but it involve a lot of job so... stay tuned :))

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Orbital Object Panel (WIP) Screenshots

Here are two WIP screenshots:

The first one with the panel standard size (subject to change):

The second one after a resize:

Icons on the surface and the area are autmatically updated.

Of course it is a work-in-progress, so not finished yet.
You can also see now that all the basic colony's data have their icons now. Hovering each one with the mouse display a hint with only the icon's name, for now. I will exapnd the display.

Resources icons + data will be displayed in the area under the surface map.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Graphics and Colony Panel Overhaul.

All of the ten basic data of a colony have now icons and hints are linked to them.
So the descriptive text has been removed for each data and each hint will provide some additional informations like the bonus and penalties applied to each data.

10 icons have been added into the game.

I cannot show you a screenshot yet because I'm working now on the overhaul of the panel, and it is a bit of a mess.
This overhaul is about the merging of the Surface and Colony panels into one, more manageable. Disposition of the interface elements will change a bit and even more icons will be displayed with the resources, in a cleaner and more integrated way.
The player will be also able to resize the panel (and save the size and position of it).
The surface panel is at this time already removed, but its elements are now transfered into the colony panel, which is already renamed into Orbital Object Panel or OOP.

I will need some time to complete it but it will be worthwhile... I guess.

Once done I will post a screenshot and I will work on the interface about the infrastructure and their assembling and building.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Fixes and Graphics

For now some fixes have been applied, like the one which prevent the crash of FARC when the window of the game loading/saving is invoked and there are no game saved (with no game directories present).
Also, the configuration and saved games are now located into the appdata/roaming folder

I also added a meme, Spirit of Entitlement, to the game and since yesterday night I'm working on graphics research for the first pass of update of the Colony Panel; icons to illustrate the colony's data (like Cohesion, Instruction, Energy Stored, Reserves and so on).
Less text and more graphics is always better. I will use of HTML hints to gives more information for the player. Like what we can see in the Europa Universalis game, in a less pretty and AAA version :)

I found all of them yesterday, thanks to the people to and other sources. I will need to work them a bit and will implement them shortly.

There will be many changes that will be applied to this panel, and not only for the infrastructures; like the one I think about, with the merging the two panels (the colony and surface ones) into a single one, to change of the size of the surface map for a biggger one and to make it sizeable friendly to accomodate people with high resolution screens.

I try to make it less cluttered with data, but FARC is what it is, a sorta of game with a lot of data so there is always a limit. And it is out of question to dumb it down anyway. Just making this beast a bit more easy to the eyes :)

That's all for now, stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - iteration #06: Word of Warning

Just a notice to inform that the configuration file from the previous versions isn't compatible anymore.

If you have an error message at the application start, just remove the config.xml in your MyDocuments/farcolony  dir. The game will generate a new one.

Sorry for the trouble.

Alpha 10 - iteration#06 Release

And you know it's time to go
Through the sleet and driving snow
Across the fields of mourning
Light in the distance...
And you hunger for the time
Time to heal, desire, time
And your earth moves beneath
Your own dream landscape...
 U2 - A Sort of Homecoming

Well, here is the release that was near to never see the light of the day, due to my "small health problems".

The alpha 10 []it#06 is released.

FARC is bundled in two flavors: manually, with 7z archives and semi-automated with setup files.

These two ways doesn't requires that FARC is previously installed.

If it is installed and you use the setup file, please bear in mind that it will update correctly only from the alpha 10-iteration 01, not from the alpha 10 or any other alpha before.
If it isn't the case, just remove any previous version of FARC before to install this one.

If you take the manual way, please delete any previous version of FARC before.

Setup is here: FARColony-full-alpha_10it06-

Manual archive is here: FARColony-full-alpha_10it06-

Cumulative patch for the Manual archive of FARC alpha 10 (released before this first iteration update) is here: FARColony-cumulativepatch-alpha_10it06-
To apply the patch unpack into your install dir and overwrite anything.

Working Dates
From 2016-01-03 to 2016-04-24

What's Missing?
As usual I wasn't able to put anything I wanted in this iteration.

  • Bits of interface for the Geological Survey.
  • 1 new meme and one policy.
What's Next?
The iteration #07 will be about adding 90% of interface with the Colony Panel (and more precisely the infrastructures), some new assets (infrastructures, products, and the missing SPM items), and expanding the encyclopedia.

  • 3D:
    • the zoom/unzoom with the mouse wheel is now limited to avoid extreme zoom and unzoom.
  • Encyclopedia:
    • the topic Planetary Survey is renamed into Planetary Exploration.
    • New Entries:
      • CPS:
        • Status, Details.
        • The Colonization Viability Score (CVS).
      • Annex - Energy Generation Modes:
        • Nuclear Fission.
        • Photon Energy.
  • Game Saving/Loading:
    • if the colony panel was opened before a new game is loaded, this one is closed.
  • Graphics:
    • new texture for black holes.
  • Help Panel / Encyclopedia:
    • full bringtofront for the panel if it is hovered by the mouse.
  • Interface - Colony Panel: 
    • full bringtofront for the colony and surface panel if the colony panel is hovered by the mouse.
  • Interface - General:
    • the two fonts for the default texts and the secondary elements have been replaced by two new which appears to be more readable.
    • the automated font sizing has been changed for certain elements.
    • the color of the SPM and CSM events modifiers are adjusted according to the meaning of positive and negative value for each modifier.
    • fixed the credit page display with a bug when displaying empty or n/a licenses.
    • the main title bar can be hidden or displayed. An option allow to switch the proper mode.
    • the menu bar can now be hidden and popup when needed. An option allow to switch into the fixed or dynamic mode.
    • the option submenu, of the main menu, is better arranged.
  • Interface - Planetary Exploration:
    • if a type of vehicle doesn't use any crew, the interface is formatted to taking it into account.
    • Expedition Setup:
      • small change into how the arrows to select the number of vehicles groups are displayed in the case where the colony has in its storage only one unit of a vehicles group.
      • the capabilities of each vehicles group is now fully displayed and uses icons to do so.
    •  Survey Details:
      • "duration" of a phase is replaced by "elapsed time".
  • Interface - Surface Panel:
    • full bringtofront for the colony and surface panel if the surface panel is hovered by the mouse.
    • the display, on how the geological survey buttons and the infos (including the resource spots) are made, is finalized..
  • Messages:
    • New Messages:
      • Planetary Exploration / Resources Survey: when a vehicles group is arrived on site and begin the survey.
  • Misc:
    • full code audit (refactoring, code cleanup, optimizations, bug fixing) of the Planetary Exploration system and the Resources Survey subsystem.
  • Missions:
    • Colonization:
      • the Distance to Atmosphere Entry is correctly displayed when the Mission panel is triggered.
  • Planetary Exloration:
    • full implementation of the automation options.
    • fix CurrentPlanetarySurvey init. Raise a bug when more than one survey in same time.
    • fix CurrentVehiclesGroup init. Completely flawed logic.
    • fix in the core processing of the survey.
    • little overhaul; now planetary exploration is composed of two differents surveys; geological and biological survey.
    • before to remove the data of a finished exploration, the system test if all the groups of vehicles of a same expedition have effectively a mission completion (are back to base).
    • fix: resources spots with rarity = absent aren't anymore included into a resource survey, as they should have.
    • the distance toward the target region is moved to the exploration/expedition data and not group of vehicles by groups of vehicles.
    • the last survey progress for a geological survey in a region is now stored besides the surveyed resources spots.
    • PS_completionPercent; restore with the SRS_surveyedRegions[Region].SR_lastSurveyProgress. Thus it allows to resume any previous geological survey that was not completed..
  • Population:
    • initialization of a new unit for the future instruction & training subsystem (ITS).
    • the assignation and un-assignation of one category is now made through its proper method.
  • Socio-Political Matrix (SPM):
    • new memes ( total = 21 ):
      • Nuclear Fear.
      • Planetary Chauvinism.

Alpha 10: Last Post Before Release, Some Changes in the Design

I modified a bit how the planetary exploration works, even if it doesn't change most of the calculations and code already implemented. Here is the part from the design doc;

Even if the orbital objects in FARC have their data fixed and pre-generated during the game design, some parts of them are subject to variability and three are especially affected by the Planetary Exploration System (PES); the ressources and the biosphere.

Their explorations are carried on through surveys named; the geological and the biological surveys.

Any vehicles (products) that have “Survey” as function, and present in the colony's storage, are listed. Most of the time they are in group of vehicles, so in this case 1 unit of equipment include more than 1 vehicles.

The Geological Survey (GS) allow to map the geophyisical aspect of a region, to probe for its possible resources spots and to discover if it contains any features and/or artefacts.

To do so, an expedition, composed to at least one group of vehicles, must be setup by the player/AI and be assigned to a particular region.

There is only one GS mission by region. No other expedition can be set up if a region has already a GS occuring.

This survey has a range of progression, noted in % from 0 to 100, to indicate which portion of a region is already surveyed.
Over the time, an expedition can discover resources spots that can be exploited afterward by a colony. It can also discover some geophysical features and even some rare artefacts that need to be explored to be useful in any way.
Without a GS, no resources spot can be exploited in a region.

It can only be one feature and one artefact that can be discovered for a same region. Obviously if one of them is discovered, no further test is carried on.

Once the survey reach 100%, the region concerned cannot be surveyed anymore for the rest of the duration of the game, and the expedition back to its base and is disbanded.

The GS system is triggered each day, if there's at least one ongoing survey mission, and is processed by survey round.

So here we go, a same survey for two outcomes.
For now the Features & Artefacts an orbital object can have aren't implemented, and will not be for this alpha. The design itself isn't really made in the main doc but scattered through many secondary documents. 
Of course it will be dev in the future.

Tomorrow I will finally implement the automation of the geological survey, update a bit again the interface and will upload this release, not before PM, EST time.

Stay tuned.

PS; Oh I forgot, here is a small screenshot of the updated panel for the expedition setup:

Yeah, there are some icons now to illustrate the vehicles' capabilities (geological, features & artefacts and biological).

Alpha 10: Bug Fixes and (tiny) Graphics Change

I fixed a good stack of bugs concerning the resources survey.
Now it is possible to have more than one occuring in the same time in different regions of a same orbital object.
Many logic flaws prevented it, I was certainly tired when I coded it initially, a long time ago :)

FARC also talk a bit more to the player; each time that a vehicles group, linked to a resource survey expedition, arrives on site to carry on the survey, a message is triggered and display a small report like the one below. The display is really crude and don't have any graphic banner yet, but I will arrange that tomorrow.

Also, not related but cool anyway, someone on shared some cool pictures depicting stars he made and particularly including a black hole.
I made a crude and dirty test that you can see below. I will need to rework it a bit and resize the thing but it is better than the previous one, and more free since it is released full GPL.

That's all, stay tuned.

Alpha 10: Audit Completion + Release Dates

I passed the last 6 hours today, before this post, to audit the Resources Survey.
It is now 100% done.

From tomorrow I will begin to complete the missing parts of this subsystem, like the automation but also I will create the required messages to inform the players about the evolution of his/her planetary exploration. I will also fix and update the interface related to this subsystem.

It isn't a small job because I made badly the display of the information about the resources survey, and it is a bit confusing and completely deprecated with the future two other types of survey (Features & Artefacts and the Biosphere). These two ones will not be implemented before a while, but it is better to plan for the future.

I also must review and fix, if necessary, the selection of regions since I doubt I completed it in February.

So, there is some work a bit more interesting than code cleaning and auditing.

In the end I will try to release this space turtle from Friday to Sunday 15th/17th during the night (EST time).
I'm off Friday so I will work at least another 6 or 7 hours on it... even more if I begin on the morning.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10: Dev Status and Near Future Plan

The audit of the non-interface code of the Planetary Exploration: Resources Survey is done.
I need to work a lot the interface, fix the bugs with region selection, and cleanup the display of the information.

Finally I will implement the automation of the survey and will make a release.

I will continue afterward to work on the Colony Panel to complete the interface for the infrastructures, and add new assets, into a new Alpha.

Sorry for the big delay; but between my health problems (I just came back to my job from April 4th) and the crash of the dev SSD (don't buy Crucial if possible...) things have been a bit... chaotic.

I just restored the dev SSD into a new Intel one. Luckily I always backup the dev content after each dev session...

Stay tuned.

Near Death Experience and Resuming of the Development

I'm sorry for the lack of news for a full month, my sickness worsened and it wasn't at all what I thought.

Without telling a long tale on my life, I finished in a near death state on Friday 10th and, by last resort, called 911.

I had a complete renal failure due to the flooding of my two kidneys.
Thanks to the Royal Victoria hospital at Montreal, they flushed my body of it via dialysis and the kidneys restarted like nothing happened.

So yeah, it was very narrow that FARC was shutdown... definitely.

But I recovering quickly now, even if I need two surgeries yet, and I will resume the dev tomorrow.

Passion is something, life is anything.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - iteration#06: Dev Resuming (post sickness)

Just a small post to say that I've been sick these last days. Nothing of a big fuzz, but enough to prevent focusing to dev.
I resumed the dev since today.


Alpha 10 - iteration#06: Audit + Interface

I began the full audit of the code for the Resources Survey. I will also (finally) implement the automation options.

Beside that I also updating a bit the interface in general and continuing to expand the encyclopedia.

The first thing I made with the general interface is to replace the two main fonts by something more readable (but always using open source licenses).

So here are the results (before on right, after on the left):

Nothing much special but it's a start.

Next post: at the end the the Resources Survey audit and expansion.

Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - iteration#05 Release [WARNING: Long Post do to the Changes list]

The alpha 10 []it#05 is released.

FARC is bundled in two flavors: manually, with 7z archives and semi-automated with setup files.

These two ways doesn't requires that FARC is previously installed.

If it is installed and you use the setup file, please bear in mind that it will update correctly only from the alpha 10-iteration 01, not from the alpha 10 or any other alpha before.
If it isn't the case, just remove any previous version of FARC before to install this one.

If you take the manual way, please delete any previous version of FARC before.

Setup is here: FARColony-full-alpha_10it05-

Manual archive is here: FARColony-full-alpha_10it05-

Cumulative patch for the Manual archive of FARC alpha 10 (released before this first iteration update) is here: FARColony-cumulativepatch-alpha_10it05-
To apply the patch unpack into your install dir and overwrite anything.

Working Dates
From 2015-10-03 to 2016-01-01

What's Missing?
As usual I wasn't able to put anything I wanted in this iteration.
  • the interface of the Colony Panel hasn't been updated as planned.
  • I haven't put the new policies and memes yet.
  • Part of the code audit concerning the SPM haven't been processed.
  • As usual, the automation of the resource survey isn't implemented yet.
What's Next?
The iteration #06 will be about adding assets (infrastructure, products, and the missing SPM items), updating / expanding the interface of the Colony Panel, expanding the encyclopedia and completing the resources survey code.


  • Colonies:
    • Production Matrix / linked production modes:
      • they doesn't have anymore a switch to indicate of a production mode is individually disabled or not, since it is determined at the infrastructure level.
      • each linked production mode can now have multiple inputs and outputs. The system is now open to any situation.
      • the code of the data structure is entirely redone.
    • Storage:
      • code for storage creation is centralized into a nested procedure.
      • stored units by development level are now correctly initialized.
      • the type of storage, a stored product uses, is now recorded into the sub-data structure.
  • Colony Simulation Model (CSM):
    • fixed a crash when a new game is loaded and the Colony Panel is called, due to missing 0 values for some CSM events into the encyclopedia.
    • the Colony Panel is now correctly updated, if needed, for each data updated.
    • Events Management:
      • fix: prevent a crash, into FCMcsmE_UnrestSDisorderUprising_FindAndReplaceBy, by disallowing the creation of a "None" event. Range error in a logic test.
      • fix: put correct stop fade when a modifier has full recovered at 0 or beyond of it in on session. The Recovery Process continued well beyond the null values.
    • Cohesion:
      • the cap of this value is now also made in FCMgCSM_ColonyData_Upd.
    • Tension:
      • the cap of the value of this data is now made according to the specifications in the design document. It wasn't the case and triggered errors.
  • Encyclopedia:
    • multiple completion and corrections of entries with the French language. Include also some for the English language.
    • New Formats (special text formatting, with sometimes inclusion of databases' data into the description:
      • Energy Mode.
    • New Topics:
      • Annex - Technosciences and Theories.
      • Annex - Energy Generation Modes.
    • New Entries:
      • CPS:
        • System Description.
        • The Colonization Viability Score (CVS).
      • Annex - Energy Generation Modes:
        • Nuclear Fission.
        • Photon Energy.
  • Game Saving/Loading:
    • prevent a 'None' colony event to be loaded in game and creating a crash with the Colony Panel.
    • fixed a bug concerning the initialization of the production matrix during a load. This created a bug if the first item of such matrix was created. 
    • fixed the 3d view freeze when a game was loaded from the Load Saved Game window, and no previous game was already loaded or initialized.
  • Help Panel / Encyclopedia:
    • the dropdown of the encylopedia's Topic List button is now a bit larger.
    • implementation of the Energy Generation Mode entry format, in the encyclopedia.
  • Infrastructures (database):
    • for the production mode Water Recovery, the roof and trap area are now stored by level.
    • hydrosphere requirements hrWaterAmmoniaLiquid and hrMethaneLiquid are merged into hrWaterAmmoniaMethaneLiquid.
    • hydrosphere requirement hrWaterLiquid_IceSheet become hrWaterAmmoniaMethaneLiquid_IceSheet.
    • the required technoscience, for each infrastructure, is now stored into the data structure and is loaded from the related XML database.
    • technosciences, for any custom effect that requires one, are now stored too. Include XML implementation.
    • Infrastructures - Addons and Modifications:
      • Humidity Trap:
        • according to the change in requirement of the production mode Rain Recovery, the type of hydrosphere required for the infrastructure is now liquid water, ammonia and methane.
      • Mining Site:
        • some corrections.
  • Infrastructures (in-game):
    • data about linked items and production modes, in a colony's production matrix, are completely removed. The input data for each production mode are taken, if relevant, from the colony's storage.
    • production modes cannot be disabled individually.
    • assembled infrastructures now store the development level, which is the same than the one used to manufacture their respective infrastructure kits. It will be used into calculations related to the affect list of the required technoscience.
    • built infrastructures now store the development level, which is the one that was effective at the time the building began. It will be used into calculations related to the affect list of the required technoscience.
    • development levels are also recorded for each custom effect an infrastructure can have, if it is relevant.
    • production infrastructures can have multiple resource survey spots linked to them.
    • Staff Members:
      • required staff test fix: take in account RTSapplyAssignment, it wasn't even considered.
      • required staff test fix: don't assign population if the requirement is at zero. It is possible, especially for the lower levels of an infrastructure, that the staff requirement is at 0.
    • Building:
      • new fix; added the case of an infrastructure that hasn't any tech requirement. This case wasn't implemented and raised a crash during a test with a zero tech infrastructure.
  • Interface - Colony Panel: 
    • correction by updating correctly the items indexed into FCWM_CDPinfoText. It hasn't been done after the local political structure has been implemented in the iteration #04.
    • Infrastructures:
      • the requirements on how to display available infrastructures has been expanded related to the changes with the hydrosphere requirements. Some bug fixes have been applied too.
      • the mining site is now correctly displayed in the available list of infrastructures when resource spots are surveyed.
  • Interface - General:
    • (x) fix for the messages box: put FCVdmIsMessageBoxExpanded for each type of message. Its previous global position prevented the title of the selected message to be displayed when the message box wasn't expanded.
  • Interface - Surface Panel:
    • the behavior of the selectors, for the colonization mission, is now full fixed and completed.
    • the behavior of the selectors, for the general use, is now fully fixed and completed.
    • the display, of the resources surveys and also the resource spots, has been expanded and fully fixed.
    • if a region is selected and the mouse is moved outside of the surface, the data of the selected region are now correctly displayed. The only the case it happened before was when the mouse was moved above the display of the region's data.
    • the display of resource spots support now the four types of ore. For now they use the same icon. Additionally, the text is now fully localized.
    • the texts for an existing resources survey is now localized and no more hardcoded.
  • Misc:
    • full code audit (refactoring, code cleanup, optimizations, bug fixing like the one which concern the decimal setting) of the following units:
      • farc_prod_core.
      • farc_prod_data.
      • farc_prod_energmodes.
      • farc_prod_func.
      • farc_prod_prodmodes.
      • farc_prod_resourcespots
      • farc_prod_seg1energy.
      • farc_prod_seg2itemsprod.
      • farc_prod_seg3rvesconsum.
      • farc_prod_seg5cabqueueproc.
  • Missions:
    • Colonization:
      • the Distance to Atmosphere Entry is correctly displayed when the Mission panel is triggered.
  • Production System: 
    • complete overhaul of the pre-iteration #05 system with the following changes:
      • a production mode cannot be individually disabled or enabled, since it is now determined at the infrastructure level.
      • each production mode can now have multiple inputs and outputs. The system is now open to any situation.
      • complete overhaul of the creation and update of entries into a colony's production matrix.
      • complete overhaul of the process of the production segment.
    • Energy Equilibrium Rules:
      • fix: not isShortageMode; put better logic into infrastructure enabling regarding the differential of energy generation / consumption.
    • Energy Generation Modes:
      • Nuclear Fission:
        • full completion of the calculation for the power output.
        • technological development level is now taken into account.
      • Photon Energy:
        • efficiency is now removed as a fixed value and is now dependend to the technological development level.
        • full completion of the calculation for the power output.
    • Production Modes:
      • Rain Recovery:
        • Water Recovery is renammed into Rain Recovery.
        • The production mode now adapt to the type of hydrosphere were it operates, either in a liquid/ice sheet water, water/ammonia or methane.
        • as a resulting of the above change, the requirements for such production mode, and so to any infrastructure that uses it, is that the hydrosphere must be liquid water, ammonia or methane.
      • Resource Mining: 
        • all the code is fully re-enabled and expanded in accordance to the multiple outputs changes.
        • fix by correcting an omission into the calculations of the energy consumption; a SQRT() to apply to the required staff type of Colonists.
    • fix a search of a resource spot by settlement; the requirement rstOreFields correctly include now all non icy ore fields.
  • Products:
    • Methane (CH4)
      • its storage type pass to liquid.
      • its mass / unit pass to 0.423.
    • Nuclear Fission Reactor:
      • technoscience requirement added.
  • Socio-Political Matrix (SPM):
    • the matrix in the XML file has been totally audited and the basic modifiers, of the SPM items, are reworked at 100%.
  • Space Units (in-game):
    • entities' ones; an array is added to indicate the basic development levels for technosciences used into a space unit when it has been built. Notes were been added for expansion into the 0.7.0.