Near Death Experience and Resuming of the Development

I'm sorry for the lack of news for a full month, my sickness worsened and it wasn't at all what I thought.

Without telling a long tale on my life, I finished in a near death state on Friday 10th and, by last resort, called 911.

I had a complete renal failure due to the flooding of my two kidneys.
Thanks to the Royal Victoria hospital at Montreal, they flushed my body of it via dialysis and the kidneys restarted like nothing happened.

So yeah, it was very narrow that FARC was shutdown... definitely.

But I recovering quickly now, even if I need two surgeries yet, and I will resume the dev tomorrow.

Passion is something, life is anything.

Stay tuned.


  1. Damn, Jeff! Those are frigtening news, man! I'm really glad you're recovering. Best of luck on both interventions.
    And well said. :)

    Sorry not being flashy, but will continue to lurk. :)

    1. Yeah, sometimes life recall to us that the real game over is... well... real. But I had been very lucky and I'm well followed by the docs team.
      Thanks for your support! :]

  2. Ah Jeff, i'm really glad to.
    I hope you are well.

    1. Hey thanks! :) Yup I recovered my health. I need two surgeries again, and have daily nursening routine to do, but I'm staying autonomous and I'm not disabled.
      It could have be worse, like staying in dialysis for the rest of my life.

  3. I've been lurking your devblog for a while now. I just wanted to wish you the best and to let you know that I'm still following your development with the utmost interest. Get well soon!

    1. Hey thanks, it progress at the speed of a turtle but it is alive.
      I waited a bit because my dev SSD failed on me some days ago but I have a new one tomorrow.
      Thanks for the support!!