Alpha 10: Audit Completion + Release Dates

I passed the last 6 hours today, before this post, to audit the Resources Survey.
It is now 100% done.

From tomorrow I will begin to complete the missing parts of this subsystem, like the automation but also I will create the required messages to inform the players about the evolution of his/her planetary exploration. I will also fix and update the interface related to this subsystem.

It isn't a small job because I made badly the display of the information about the resources survey, and it is a bit confusing and completely deprecated with the future two other types of survey (Features & Artefacts and the Biosphere). These two ones will not be implemented before a while, but it is better to plan for the future.

I also must review and fix, if necessary, the selection of regions since I doubt I completed it in February.

So, there is some work a bit more interesting than code cleaning and auditing.

In the end I will try to release this space turtle from Friday to Sunday 15th/17th during the night (EST time).
I'm off Friday so I will work at least another 6 or 7 hours on it... even more if I begin on the morning.

Stay tuned.

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