Alpha 10: Bug Fixes and (tiny) Graphics Change

I fixed a good stack of bugs concerning the resources survey.
Now it is possible to have more than one occuring in the same time in different regions of a same orbital object.
Many logic flaws prevented it, I was certainly tired when I coded it initially, a long time ago :)

FARC also talk a bit more to the player; each time that a vehicles group, linked to a resource survey expedition, arrives on site to carry on the survey, a message is triggered and display a small report like the one below. The display is really crude and don't have any graphic banner yet, but I will arrange that tomorrow.

Also, not related but cool anyway, someone on shared some cool pictures depicting stars he made and particularly including a black hole.
I made a crude and dirty test that you can see below. I will need to rework it a bit and resize the thing but it is better than the previous one, and more free since it is released full GPL.

That's all, stay tuned.

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