Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Fixes and Graphics

For now some fixes have been applied, like the one which prevent the crash of FARC when the window of the game loading/saving is invoked and there are no game saved (with no game directories present).
Also, the configuration and saved games are now located into the appdata/roaming folder

I also added a meme, Spirit of Entitlement, to the game and since yesterday night I'm working on graphics research for the first pass of update of the Colony Panel; icons to illustrate the colony's data (like Cohesion, Instruction, Energy Stored, Reserves and so on).
Less text and more graphics is always better. I will use of HTML hints to gives more information for the player. Like what we can see in the Europa Universalis game, in a less pretty and AAA version :)

I found all of them yesterday, thanks to the people to and other sources. I will need to work them a bit and will implement them shortly.

There will be many changes that will be applied to this panel, and not only for the infrastructures; like the one I think about, with the merging the two panels (the colony and surface ones) into a single one, to change of the size of the surface map for a biggger one and to make it sizeable friendly to accomodate people with high resolution screens.

I try to make it less cluttered with data, but FARC is what it is, a sorta of game with a lot of data so there is always a limit. And it is out of question to dumb it down anyway. Just making this beast a bit more easy to the eyes :)

That's all for now, stay tuned.

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