Alpha 10 - iteration #07: Graphics and Colony Panel Overhaul.

All of the ten basic data of a colony have now icons and hints are linked to them.
So the descriptive text has been removed for each data and each hint will provide some additional informations like the bonus and penalties applied to each data.

10 icons have been added into the game.

I cannot show you a screenshot yet because I'm working now on the overhaul of the panel, and it is a bit of a mess.
This overhaul is about the merging of the Surface and Colony panels into one, more manageable. Disposition of the interface elements will change a bit and even more icons will be displayed with the resources, in a cleaner and more integrated way.
The player will be also able to resize the panel (and save the size and position of it).
The surface panel is at this time already removed, but its elements are now transfered into the colony panel, which is already renamed into Orbital Object Panel or OOP.

I will need some time to complete it but it will be worthwhile... I guess.

Once done I will post a screenshot and I will work on the interface about the infrastructure and their assembling and building.

Stay tuned.

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